Melon balls

Melon balls

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Advertising - Keep reading below Step 1: Share the melon

Cut the melon in half. To make the result attractive, it is better to use the Galia variety, which is more round.

Step 2: Clean seeds

Remove the seeds and remove the pulp with the help of a fruit emptying spoon, which cuts the meat in the form of balls, and that you can buy in bazaars and hardware stores.

Step 3: Use the bowl peel

Fill the melon peel with the balls. You can also apply this technique to a watermelon and even combine both.

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Recipes: Melon Fruit Smoothie

You only need: 1 banana; 250 g of green melon; 250 g pineapple; 5 dl of coconut milk; 10 g of grated coconut; Mint leaves and currants to decorate.

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