A renovated apartment overlooking the pier

A renovated apartment overlooking the pier

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This house, located in Águilas (Murcia), has been completely transformed. The apartment is located in one of the oldest buildings in the area but overlooking the pier and the castle and a magical light. The owner of this house was put in the hands of the Roma & Ro studio to transform the home into the home of her dreams.

The objective of the study in charge of the reform was to gain luminosity, topicality and functionality in the distribution. To do this, practically all the partition walls with which the floor was initially demolished (rooms all very small) were demolished.

In the reform the terraces of the rooms to the interior were incorporated to gain meters and more comfortable spaces. The main terrace was maintained, with views. With better planned spaces, natural light is distributed intelligently throughout the plant.

The distribution is as follows: living room, terrace, kitchen open to the hall, master bedroom with integrated bathroom, a secondary bedroom and a guest bathroom.

The lighting project is signed by LMA Iluminación.

Photographs: Isabel Escauriaza, from

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A small luxury of this apartment, the terrace overlooking the pier and the castle of Águilas, Murcia.

A table and some chairs and breakfast, lunch and dinner will win.

Dining room with a taste of the past

For the pieces chosen around the table. But with a mixture of styles by the current line sideboard, which is attached to the wall.

In addition, in the work a beam of the structure of the building that was left to the air and puts the industrial note was discovered.

The wooden chairs, located at the shortest ends of the table, belong to the owner's parents.

Dining room detail

The decoration sought warmth and mix of styles.

View of the dining room: past and present in the same environment.

The lamp is designed by Roma & Ro.

A lot of light

A current sideboard completes the dining room. In the window, a light curtain in white that sifts the light without obscuring the room.

Pillar of rescued work

The exposed beam that appeared in the reform becomes a prominent element of the living room, which delimits the dining area and makes a transition between this environment and the living room.

In addition, Roma & Ro devised a system to give it even more relevance: a spotlight was installed inside to create a beautiful ambient lighting at night.

The living room

Next to the dining room, with the structural beam seen between both environments, the living room is located, with a certain Nordic air in the choice of the pieces: a sofa, a bitaca and an auxiliary table with rounded lines.

Most of the furniture in the house is from Ikea and Maisons du Monde, except for specific pieces, such as the sofa, custom-made by the upholsterer of the studio in charge of the reform.

Surrounded by windows

In the reform took advantage of all the natural light that the house receives. Thus, the living room is surrounded by natural light, which enters through the windows.

The blinds are automatic - they are operated with a switch - to facilitate opening and closing the light input.

To enjoy

On the terrace the floor has been changed. It has been coated with a gray-colored porcelain, like the tone of the interior of the house. A visual continuity has been sought.

Small art gallery

The owners of the house are art lovers so Rome & Ro created a special front: the audiovisuals are located on a bench cabinet, framed by paintings, supported by two shelves run in rough wood.

Gallery Detail

As a gallery, an informal way to contemplate your favorite paintings.

Shelves detail

Thick wooden shelves with L-shaped fasteners on the wall. The pictures are supported by them, installed in parallel on the TV wall.

The kitchen

The kitchen communicates with the hall of the hall, in a way it is open to him. On the floor different coatings (tile in the kitchen and floor in the hallway) have been used to mark spaces.

Total white prevails, but warmed by the use of wood in concrete details.

It has not been saturated with tall furniture, although it has enough storage space.

The most current touch is the appliances in steel.

Wall recovering

On the kitchen wall, beveled tile type meter.

Decorative details

Detail of the decoration in the kitchen: next to the extractor hood a wooden shelf, which puts warmth on the predominant white. And the green touch of natural arrangements.

The kitchen is alive!

With multifunction island

The kitchen with natural light, a decorative plus.

In addition, the island is a versatile and mobile element.

Versatile because in addition to expanding the work surface is a breakfast bar and fast food thanks to the extension of the countertop at one end.

And mobile because it incorporates wheels.

It has warehouse modules.

Open kitchen

Two metal stools with wooden seats complete the island.

In this view you can see the partitions that delimit the space but without doors.

Kitchen lighting Coatings

The floor of the whole house is vinyl flooring in gray, a color that lasted in the lining of the terrace although in a porcelain, which resists weathering.

In the kitchen the coating was changed to delimit its area and a hexagonal tile was used, which merges with the wood, providing the same shapes, as if they fit both materials as a puzzle.

The same tile was used in the bathrooms.

Bedroom with partition

This room has a very thoughtful element. It is located right in front of the open kitchen and has plenty of natural light. The kitchen also has natural ljuz although the window is smaller.

Interior designers devised an original system that maintains the privacy of the bedroom without hindering the flow of light. Instead of an opaque partition, a liquid crystal glass opening was created. With a button it turns on, so that it becomes transparent and lets the light through or goes out and becomes opaque.


In white with romantic air for the chosen pieces.

The main room

Simple: a bed, bedside tables and a niche on the wall, used with wooden views shelves.

At one end you can see the sliding surface door that communicates with the bathroom.

The entire lighting project of the house has been carried out with recessed LEDs. At the entrance and in the living room floor lighting is added to mark the circulation areas.

On the bedside tables, lamps with cage lampshade and filament bulbs, designed by Roma & Ro.

Textiles in white

The white bedding enhances the feeling of purity and peace of the bedroom.

Dressing table or work table

In front of the window, in a corner of the bedroom and next to the closet, a dressing or work corner with an old-fashioned table and a designer chair.

Dressing table detail Bedroom lighting Bedroom lighting Sliding doors for the bathroom

Access to the bathroom, interfered with in the master bedroom, is through a sliding door. All the doors of the house are the original ones although they have been lacquered in white.

A very warm bath

White predominates although the front of the sink is very warm with a blown countertop, overcounter basin and storage baskets on the floor.

Basin front detail

In the walls of the bathrooms the same white beveled tile has been used as a meter as in the kitchen walls. Here you can see how the wall has been covered only up to medium height.

The wooden countertop is the same one used in the kitchen island and in the living room shelves.

Mix of materials

So that the main bathroom is not cold, textures that heat the white have been combined. The fiber of baskets in the front of the sink, the wood of the countertop and the brick seen used in the shower area.

In cabin

Detail of the toilet cabin in one of the bathrooms of the house.

Living room and terrace before the reform Hall before the reform Kitchen before the reform Laundry room before the reform Kitchen before the reform Bedroom before the reform Bedroom before the reform


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