Will the modular and prefabricated houses succeed (definitely) in 2019?

Will the modular and prefabricated houses succeed (definitely) in 2019?

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The idea of ​​building the elements of a house in one place and assembling them in another or the option of building a modular house in one place and then moving it to another is not new, we would actually have to go back to the Roman Empire to discover the first examples of modular houses The rapid expansion of the Empire required continually creating new (and strong) settlements in the conquered lands. But it is in the twentieth century with advances in postal and courier services when prefabricated houses began to live their moment of glory. Not to mention the current possibility of buying you a house at the click of a button.

The best known, of course, started being the garden sheds.

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But there are currently many options to create your modular home.

The well-known Philippe Starck created the PATH (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes). A prototype of sustainable houses with an impressive style.

Courtesy of New Style

Design houses that you can build in 80 days:


Of concrete…


From MUJI!


So if you dare this year, take note, there are many manuals, books, catalogs to start soaking up. They are cheaper, very customizable and more sustainable. Do you sign up?

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14 architectural projects committed to the environment.

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Premade houses. From Ana Maria Alvarez.

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Low Cost Architecture Housing design with a tight budget.


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