Rainbow Spaghetti arrive!

Rainbow Spaghetti arrive!

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We already know that food enters first through the eyes. That's why seeing Master Chef makes us hungry, but seeing culinary flaws on Pinterest not so much. Of course, seeing a rainbow of colors on your plate will excite you much more. And that's why this plate of rainbow spaghetti is the best meal ever!

This wonder has not come out of a rainbow pasta machine. You don't need the help of a unicorn to prepare it or an elf. And it is not necessary to rain for the rainbow to come out.

You can't imagine how easy it is to do it! All you need is pasta and food coloring. First, boil the pasta to your liking. Then divide it into bags with closure and add in each food dye diluted with a little water. Shake and serve with butter and parmesan, or with the sauce you like best. Voilà! A dinner as pleasant to the eye as to the belly.

- 6 bags with closure
- 500 gr boiled spaghetti
- Food coloring (we use 6)
- 1 cup of water, divided
- 3 tbsp melted butter
- freshly grated parmesan
- Salt
- Ground black pepper


1. Pour 2 tablespoons of water In each bag closure (we use 6, for 6 different colors). Add 10 drops of gel food coloring to each bag.

2. Divide the spaghetti into the 6 different bags. Shake until they are covered in color.

3. Remove the paste each bag and rinse with cold water. Mix them in a large bowl and add the butter and parmesan. Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy.

Via: Delish US