How to set up a youth party at home

How to set up a youth party at home

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First of all you must take into account the opinion and tastes of your children, they have already grown and have an age to comment. Let me say how you would like it to be, how many people you want to invite ... set the limits and decide everything together.

Invitations. When you know the number of attendees, let it be he who sends the invitation, either by phone, whatsapp or Facebook. First of all, leave the issue of schedules closed, especially the time of the end of the party.

Thematic It can be costumes or choose a specific theme. If you want it to be cheaper, you can decorate with two or three colors. Buy the utensils and ornaments and combine them with each other. Use plates, trays and disposable cups, and plastic fountains and trays. You will find it easier to clean.

Place. It defines an area of ​​the house and divides this space into different areas: a dance area, a food and drink area. Place trash bins, well identified. The music is essential. Provide what is necessary to have a good sound. Speakers or amplifiers of good quality and do not try to prepare the musical mix. Leave it from your account or from your friends.

Be foresight, Let all neighbors know about the celebration, they will be more understanding if they are on notice. Keep an eye on a certain distance, be tolerant, don't forget it's a teenage party.

As for the drink, You can not miss soft drinks and juices of all varieties, and a bottle of water. Surprise them and prepare some alcohol-free cocktail, pina colada or mojito, and some granita. Do not forget to use disposable cups and glasses.

Do not strain cooking or buying very elaborate dishes, opt for pecking: pizzas, sandwiches, hamburgers and some tortillas. And don't forget the classic potatoes and popcorn. Reserve a space to place some candy and candy containers. How about a cupcake display?

This adjustable tower can accommodate 25 cupcakes, and the bottom tray can be filled with sweets, 24,70 €, of Wilson, in María Lunarillos.

Deco details for the party:

Bottles Glass Bottles

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Capsules, cupcakes Flower capsules for cupcakes

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Tea set Tea set

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Bowl Bowl for snacks

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Garland Garland

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dining table

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Cheese board Cheese board

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