A renovated house for a new life

A renovated house for a new life

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That the main attraction of a house is in the outdoor areas is a sign of the need for reform. This happened with the floor of a family with two young children We visited today in Vitoria. Tired of living on the periphery, they decided to move to this 110 square meters house (distributed in a living room, a kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a long dark corridor that enhanced the feeling of a narrow house) located in the center of the city and that had remained almost the same since it was built in the 50s. "Our goal was to get a modern home with minimalist design," explains Maria.

To achieve this, they had the help of Marcelino Raposo, from the MRB study, with whom they decided to turn around the distribution of the house, creating a large common area with kitchen, dining room and lounge, It has a terrace overlooking the center, formerly hidden in the master bedroom. The rooms were reduced to three, taking those of the children to the back of the house, and the corridor moved to a wall with windows, creating a kind of gallery that illuminates the marriage room thanks to a glass wall. The result is a sober container of wood and white walls that has been given personality with white stones of gray veins, current design of straight but friendly lines, a sober but cozy palette of colors and family memories. "I think we have achieved what we were looking for," says María. "At least, we are very satisfied." We agree.

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A family changed their house on the outskirts of Vitoria for this flat in the center that they completely renovated.

Bring it to the present

The flat had remained almost the same since the 50s and was not very functional for its new inhabitants.

New frontiers

The distribution of the floor was completely reconsidered, creating new wider shared spaces.

Less is more

The owners wanted a minimalist house with Nordic touches.

Shared space

The kitchen, living room and dining room were placed in the same space.

Scope of view

In this way they managed to visually expand these spaces, previously isolated.


One of the great attractions of the house, the terrace overlooking the center, was previously hidden inside one of the bedrooms. The new distribution located in this area the dining room, making the urban landscape gain prominence.

Outside life

The terrace-gazebo with a couple of Acapulco chairs.

To stay blank

The kitchen, with dining area on the island, was custom designed to make the most of the space.

What a bird!

Bird-shaped decorative figure of the Eames.


Before it was located at one end and had no windows. The windows were in the bedrooms.

Crystal wall

As the bedroom windows were lost, the partition wall has been replaced by a glass, allowing the light in the hallway to pass. Curtains allow privacy inside.


Decorated in gray and blue tones.

As headboard

A shelf on the bed in which photographs of the family have been placed.

New space

It was dispensed with one of the rooms, whose space has been distributed throughout the house and allowed the creation of a dressing room next to the master bedroom.

Warm bath

Clad in wood.

To see you better…

The backlit mirror seems to float on the screen.

Transparence law

The glass screen for unnoticed in sight.

Child's bedroom

The girl's bedroom, with a fabric mosquito net as a headboard.

Tranquility assured

The children's bedrooms were located at the other end of the house, overlooking a large inner courtyard, so that they had light and tranquility throughout the day.

Detail Child's bedroom

The bed area was visually delimited with a wallpaper.

Between cottons

Detail of the superhero cushions that adorn the bed.

Very versatile

Both rooms have a study area.

The hall before

Long, without windows and with red carpet ... It seems that at any moment two twins will come out with blue dresses from one of the doors.

The lounge before One of the rooms before

It was used as a living room. Today the dining room and kitchen are located here.

The kitchen before The master bedroom before Another bedroom before The toilet before The bathroom before Shower before Before

This wallpaper lived better times.

During the play All in one

View of the shared space with the demolished partitions.

New plant

On the map you can see how long and narrow the house is. The corridor, which is now located next to the windows, was previously in the space occupied by the master bedroom, the bathrooms and the dressing room.