Christmas tables ... In red or gold, what is your style?

Christmas tables ... In red or gold, what is your style?

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The dates of the gala dinners are approaching. And although there are many styles, we have chosen two of the most common proposals, the traditional red and the golden sparkles on white. Also take a look at the pieces we have chosen to imitate any of the styles and tell us which one do you prefer?

For the classics: in red and white

The English Court

Intense red and serene white form the perfect combination for your party tables. This decoration is perfect for pampering an endearing night in a traditional atmosphere.

The most festive tablecloth, napkins and ornaments are dyed red to contrast with a white porcelain tableware, and cutlery and glassware with a more classic touch. You can add light to your table with candles that seem directly brought from nature.

You just have to choose your combination and add your personal touch to this traditional Christmas table.

For the natives: a rustic and handmade touch

The English Court

If you like naturalness without additives, this is your Christmas table: handmade and rugged textures such as linen that naturally host dishes with a lot of personality and reliefs of floral essences. Choose glassware that reminds you of what your grandparents had, in basic, transparent ways that lasted several generations. The festive touch, cutlery and ornaments with touches of gold and silver.

To bring that natural touch you can add freshly brought elements from nature, such as branches, pineapples or berries. And don't forget to put a touch of light that reinforces that warm look with golden chandeliers or candles.

The result is a warm and cozy atmosphere starring soft colors and discreet metallic glitters. A natural Christmas to enjoy as a family while sharing the most endearing and affectionate sensations.

Get the complete combination or choose the pieces you like best to bring your Christmas table to nature.