An urban apartment decorated with Nordic style

An urban apartment decorated with Nordic style

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Néstor Marchador

An old and deteriorated floor. A comprehensive reform. A study with ideas. One objective: to get a comfortable, current and practical apartment to be rented.

Is 70 m² urban housing, Located near the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona, ​​it now sports a Nordic style, vital and bright, combined with industrial elements. With hardly any light and very deteriorated, the interior design studio Dröm Living took over the total transformation. Partitions were demolished in the entrance area, natural light flows and brings freshness. The continuity of the old brick wall cladding from the hall gives the feeling of loft industrial.

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An urban apartment with a young spirit, renovated by the Dröm Living studio, which made natural light fill everything, that the coatings reflected that luminosity and that the interior design was fresh and personal.

Combination of style in the lounge Néstor Marchador

The combination of white, black and gray stone has been used in most of the apartment, except in the bedrooms.

In furniture, design pieces and other industrial style. The result is fresh.

Integrated dining room

At one end of the living room, in the area that is closest to the kitchen, is the dining room.

View from the hall to the hall

A long corridor communicates the entrance to the house with the living room.

The interior design studio played with mastery with a continuous brick wall.

How wide!

Nothing reloaded. This is the interior design, which is based on contrast tones: black and white.

The dinner room

A table, a bench and a couple of chairs. On the wall a paint socket frames the environment.

The kitchen

In the kitchen we opted for a floor of hydraulic and white mosaic and wood in the furniture, distributed on two parallel fronts.

Open kitchen

The kitchen has a window at one end and opens (without doors or partition walls) to the corridor on the contrary.

To copy

No tall furniture to not saturate. The walls are used with some accessories to organize utensils. A detail: the wall flexo that punctually illuminates the work area.

The hall

With continuity. In the reform doors were eliminated so that the feeling of depth was total. From the hall you can see the window.

A continuous shelf serves as support for sheets and frames.

Receiver Detail

With a mirror that also returns the image and projects the corridor beyond the partition.

The bedrooms

Each of the bedrooms (three in total in the house) has a differentiated tone, a brushstroke on a neutral background.

Green bedroom

On the wall, to protect the area of ​​the bed from rubbing, a half-height L-socket in acid green, which breaks with the unpolished white of the room.

With desk

A small work corner under the window.

Adjoining bedroom

Image in which you can see two of the adjoining bedrooms.

In blue

The same scheme is repeated in this bedroom: a white base and a half-height paint base in blue.

In orange

Orange or reddish. The warmest of the three bedrooms.


With shower at the bottom of the floor and dark coverings. It also has a window, toilet and a large sink with storage.

Before and after

In these images, the state in which the Dröm Living study was found, the home and the work that was carried out in each room to turn it into the flat it is now is well reflected.

Before and after the dining room

Dark, old, deteriorated and very compartmentalized. What a change!

Before and after cooking

Much wider, better used and bright.

Before and after the hall

Partitions that divided the corridor were demolished to create an elongated distributor but with a feeling of openness and communication between the hall and the living room, in the background.

Before and after the bedroom

With colors it has gained in luminosity throughout the house.

Before and after the bedroom

Furniture: simple and well chosen.

Before and after bath