A Nordic style home in Madrid

A Nordic style home in Madrid

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"Thinking about the renovation and furnishing of this house simultaneously has many advantages", comment Sandra and Rebeca, of RdeRoom, the study in charge of the transformation of this house.

90 square meters that take advantage, the spaces are refined and the lighting enriches. And a decoration inspired by the Nordic style with basic pieces, very warm, that do not recharge the spaces.

The total white He is the protagonist. It is present in all rooms of the house, both on the walls and in specific pieces of furniture and textiles. Its use grants luminosity and even depth. The wood puts the warmth, in its most natural version, as the dining table. It serves as a conductive thread between environments, such as the circular mirror with wooden frame in the living room or the trunk in the bedroom.

The brushstrokes of discreet color and in its right measure.

Project carried out by RdeRoom.

Photographs: Lupe Clemente.

Advertising - Keep reading below Take advantage of the meters with breadth

A Nordic style deco and bright. The reform of this 90 square meter apartment, carried out by the RdeRoom studio, is perfect. Take advantage of the meters, gives them brightness and storage solutions without reloading the spaces.

A very bright living room

The living room has a lot of natural light, which enters through the windows. Lighting is here another deco elements.

Nordic style living room

With a 100% Nordic style, achieved through furniture, the space is divided into two: living room and dining room. The sofa divides the space in two. But also, attached to a wall, near the living room, a light and discreet work corner has been created.

Sifted light

Here you can see the brightness that the room receives through the windows. The light is sifted through blinds in white.

Seating area

In front of the sofa a bench run in wood as an audiovisual area. Instead of a coffee table, a couple of auxiliary designs that leave the area clear. To illuminate the nights next to the sofa, a floor lamp.

The dinner room

The dining table is an oak design, for sale in the store on line from the RdeRoom study. Is the model Roll, in solid wood. Around, chairs in white. It is the Lara model, also for sale in it Web.

Ground exposed continuously

The whole room has a Scandinavian air, very light and clear. This is earned in a sense of spaciousness. According to the project managers "This allows you to see the whole floor, a trick that helps make the spaces look bigger."

A sofa to define environments

The living room is located in the middle of the floor and delimits the spaces.

Wood details that unify

View from the living area towards the dining room. On the left wall a beautiful circular mirror with the wooden frame. In the background the door that communicates with the master bedroom.

General view of the room

General view of the living room, in the background the living room and the work area and in the foreground the dining room.

A trendy work zone

Detail of the work corner, created with a representative design of the Nordic style, the bookshelf String The chair is the model Bertoia Diamond

A wall for audiovisuals

The TV is installed on the wall and leaves free space on the furniture, a board with legs.

Set of low round tables Norway in wood and white lacquer, for sale in the RdeRoom store.

A circular mirror

Reflected in the mirror, the dining room.

The dining room in detail

Detail of the solid oak table with a ceiling lamp above.

From the entrance to the house

From the entrance to the house.

Two doors that connect to the living room

The living room has two doors. The one on the left communicates with the entrance to the house. In addition, from that distributor you access the bathroom. The door on the right communicates with a distributor space that leads to the children's bedroom and the kitchen, conceived as an open space and integrated into the dining room.

A bay that communicates dining room and kitchen

Detail of the large bay that communicates with the kitchen.

The hall

The hall. All blank.

The terrace

A small glazed terrace.

Glazed and bright

Here light floods everything. Any piece stands out. A couple of chairs and a decorative staircase are enough to decorate this environment. The touch of color so natural! They put the seedlings.

Kitchen open to the dining room

View from the kitchen to the dining room. One of the owners' requests was that the kitchen be integrated into the living room. However, because of the load-bearing walls, it was not possible to open it further. The solution was to eliminate partitions and doors. The kitchen furniture is located on both sides with a wide corridor between them.

Mixed coatings

Bright, with white as the protagonist. Highlights the floor unit in this room except for the detail, as a carpet, of hydraulic tile in front of the work area. In addition to an aesthetic resource it is very functional to protect the floor from splashes of grease and water.

Blank and with storage capacity

The work front has been coated with the same material as the countertop. The dark tone grants depth. The rest of the furniture looks white.

A single work front

Detail of a tie and then the working front of the kitchen, which also has a lot of light.

View from the entrance dealer

In front of the work area, storage cabinets.

The main room

The master bedroom, which is accessed through the door that is next to the dining room, has the basic furniture: a large closet, the bed, the headboard and a pair of wooden logs as a bedside table.

Very clear in shades

The bedroom, although small, has been used well without feeling overwhelmed. White is present in walls, closet fronts and textiles.

Closet front

The closet has smooth white fronts, without handles, so that it goes unnoticed.

A headboard that gives the note

The headboard in gradient blue acquires prominence as the only color note. Next to the bed, a teak log as a bedside table. It is sold in the store on line from RdeRoom, is the model Woodie.

Wallpaper on the headboard

On the headboard wall, the wallpaper of trees Woods, from Cole & Son.

The children's bedroom in pink and white

In the children's bedroom, the soft pink color energizes the room. Paper Harlequin, Ferm Living in white and pink and the mosquito net put the romantic note, without abandoning the Nordic design.

The access to the bedroom

View of the door of the children's bedroom, which opens to the distributor just between the dining room and the kitchen.

Cabinets front

In a whole side of the domritorio, a front of cabinets that solve the needs of warehouse.

Bed with mosquito net

Next to the bed, with the bedside mosquito net, an original bedside table: Componibili, from Kartell.

Entire room

Next to the closet, next to the door, a colorful coat rack and a mirror.

The bathroom

The tones used in the bathroom are neutral, discreet and elegant. The gray colro was used in the shower to differentiate the area.

Shower area with work shelf

Detail of the shower with glass screen, back window and a work shelf.

A basin front with storage capacity

In the sink area, a piece of furniture and a mirror on the wall.

Materials Detail

Basin cabinet countertop detail

View from the bathroom to the living room

The furniture has a large storage capacity.