They are kitchens, they are scandi style, and they are worthy of your devotion

They are kitchens, they are scandi style, and they are worthy of your devotion

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Pinterest: My Domaine

If every time you are in the kitchen you feel like in a Cold War bunker, you may need to make an urgent reform. Why there is nothing more distressing than cooking in a dark and enclosed space, especially in autumn, when the days begin to shorten and depressions make an appearance ...

That's why we love the style scandi, because in addition to bet on bright kitchens with white tones that expand the area visually, Y use natural materials such as wood, They are faithful followers of philosophy lagom, that is, everything that does not add, subtract.

Is about kitchens without ornate decorations, which could well pass through corners Zen, since walking through them is similar to living a mystical experience (but without going over). What is clear is that they are absolutely beautiful, and that they fit in all the houses, whatever their distribution. Then, We review the coolest we have found on Pinterest. Do not miss it!

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Retro lamp in focus

The simplicity of the design gives prominence to the mid-century style lamp.

2 natural materials

Combining marble with white furniture and a wooden floor is a sure success.

3 Multipurpose bar

The possibilities offered by a kitchen with an American bar are endless.

4 warm wood

Wood should always be present in any scandi kitchen.

5 Mini Peninsula practice

If space does not allow it, a mini-sized American bar will be just as functional.

6 Soft green

Playing with dusty tones is another must when creating a dream kitchen.

7 Delicate Details

Carpets are also welcome, as long as they don't recharge the environment.

8 Pearl Gray, a success

Gray tones can be very glamorous If mixed with golden details.

9 Less is more

Remember to decorate it only with the necessary, nothing to accumulate because!

10 Cleaning and simplicity

Polished finishes enhance the sensation of cleanliness so characteristic of scandi kitchens.

11 Natural Details

Natural fibers in pieces such as chairs or stools look great.

12 Lots of light

If you are lucky enough to have access to the outside from the kitchen, do not hesitate to take full advantage of it.

13 Open and flirtatious

Small kitchens are equally cute when they bet on scandi.

14 Wood over white

The wooden countertop gives it a rustic charm point that makes it irresistible.

15 Lots of storage

This countertop with wall-to-wall storage has us crazy!


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