10 ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa

10 ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa

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Whether you have a large bathroom or a small bathroom, this trend is for you. You only need a little imagination to design your perfect relaxing environment, and add small details such as candles or plants. We show you what we have found on the net so you can get ideas!

Advertising - Keep reading under A couch in the bathroom

If you are lucky enough to enjoy a large bathroom, dare to place a couch to create your relaxation area, and add several cushions to make it more boho!

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A chic and functional tray

Candles, seedlings, gels, oils ... These are just some ideas to place on this tray so chic. The fastest way to create your spa!

Pinterest: Good Vibes

The spa in the shower

Another option to enjoy your own spa is with a large shower where you can have everything you need: space, a bench to sit on, a small plant and your care products.

Pinterest: Louise

Rustic-chic spa

A wooden tray for the bathtub, a trunk as a stool, a carpet of natural fiber, a wooden towel rail and exposed wooden beams. Ready! You already have your rustic-chic spa set up.

Pinterest: Nydia Becerra Juarez

With pebbles

The combination of stones, wood and plants is ideal to turn your bathroom into an authentic oasis of peace and give it that exotic relaxing spot.

Pinterest: Rocío Vela Amado

Passion for the green

If nature is your thing, in your private spa you cannot miss a good collection of plants that make you feel as if you were in the middle of the jungle.

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If you have a country house, take the spa outside! A shower in a stone wall overlooking the forest is enough relaxation therapy, don't you think?

Pinterest: K.C. Loquaci Cornwell

Double pleasure

Why choose between a spacious shower and a bathtub when you can have both?

Pinterest: Mirian Carrazco

Photo mural

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad ... A photographic mural overlooking the forest is the solution to get a spa in the middle of nature.

Pinterest: Ana Béjar

Relax shelves

To make it more comfortable, place some shelves on the bathtub and you will have everything you need on hand.

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