A house formed by colored cubes in Lavapies

A house formed by colored cubes in Lavapies

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When we think of small studio apartments, we usually imagine dark and suffocating homes. Nothing is further from reality, and that is the design of this house of 35 m2 at the hands of the team of architects of Lotoarchilab In the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, he has focused on using colored boxes to visually divide the spaces.

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Rose to power Lotoarchilab

The pastel pink kitchen It is feminine and flirtatious in equal parts.

2 Chic Division Lotoarchilab

Kitchen and living room are separated by a strategic American bar Perfect to eat.

3 Welcome to color Lotoarchilab

Upon entering the home, the sofa He is the first to receive us.

4 mustard passion Lotoarchilab

The closet mirrors double the visual space of bedroom.

5 light block Lotoarchilab

The recessed headboard lights They create an extremely cozy corner.

6 Maximum security Lotoarchilab

The safe It allows tenants to feel safe from possible theft.

7 Blue magnetism Lotoarchilab

The Intense blue you saw the entrance door It marks an unequaled contrast with the rest of the room.

8 Mini receiver Lotoarchilab

Despite its small size, the hall is perfectly delimited.

9 Pure White Lotoarchilab

The space of handwash It stands out for a pure white color. Behind him, the shower Mark the territory with its black design.

10 With history Lotoarchilab

The stairs They are the reflection of the history of the building.