A rustic-style laundry: The before and after

A rustic-style laundry: The before and after

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If you are looking for inspiration for your laundry and ironing room, look no further than this incredible transformation of Jenna Sue's blogger, from Jenna Sue Design, which showed how to change even the dirtiest and most uncomfortable place in the functional laundry room of our dreams Jenna was able to turn a country-style storage room into an impressive rustic laundry place that now has a huge folding and custom task table or a sliding door in the style of rustic barns, among other things.

But to convert the basement storage room into the laundry of his dreams he made careful planning. Process that counts through your blog.

The first step to do the job? Finish with everything there was. From digging the sweat, expand the walls to create more storage space or eliminate the old air conditioning system. Instead it included new storage spaces with built-in furniture for appliances and shelves.

Of course, making a whole room from scratch is expensive so Jenna recommends doing part of the job yourself, if possible. The DIY projects he carried out were the manufacture of the shelves from recycled wood and the tiled floor, thus keeping the budget low.

And here you can see how incredible the space is now:

Don't miss the rest of this amazing renovation, with the DIY tutorials on Jenna's blog,

Photos: Gary Johnson

Via: Country Living US


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