A movie visit: Cary Grant's house

A movie visit: Cary Grant's house

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When Cary Grant needed a break, he took refuge in the wonderful home of his friend Charlie "Kewpie" Rich in Palm Springs, California. Now, the farm has gone on sale by its current owner, Toni Holt Kramer, founder of Trumpettesr, who along with her husband, David, paid about € 1,115,000 for it in 2015.

But back to the past, Charlie "Kewpie" Rich built the pool and a guest house for Cary Grant. "Our favorite weekend getaway was Uncle Charlie's house in Palm Springs," Jennifer Grant wrote in her memoirs in 2011. "I saw, it was another of the celebrities who stayed here.

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Advertising - Keep reading below There are hundreds of palm trees The farm is called "Villa Paradiso" and occupies more than one and a half hectares It was built for a Chicago heiress in 1928 There are four houses inside the property The gardens have been kept impeccably There are a lot of roads that cross the farm The main Moorish-style house measures about 695 square meters There is also outdoor entertainment space The main staircase is surrounded by movie memorabilia This is one of the bedrooms Even the bathrooms have been strikingly decorated One of the rooms has tropical aesthetics The pool next to the guest house If you have more than 11 million euros, it can be yours!

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