Life is a luxury in this attic

Life is a luxury in this attic

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The location was privileged; an attic located in front of a paradise beach Mallorca, surrounded by nature and with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. And the interior must be up to it. "We had to design an exquisite holiday home for an exquisite family," as summarized by interior designers Monica Cernich and Marie-Louise Leja, from the studio bconnected, the main objective that they had to fulfill in the conditioning of this house in the Balearic island.

To achieve this, they decided to take The best of each house depending on the sensations they wanted to wake up in each space. Thus, in the kitchen, thanks to a paper of palm trees, a neon and a breakfast bar with colorful stools, they managed to transfer us to the colorful (and something kitsch) Miami, to start the day with good humor and optimism. Hollywwod's golden age made its way into the living room. The iconic pieces of Knoll, the brass lamps of the firm Delightfull, the most luxurious designs by Jonathan Adler, the marble, the crystal and the velvet make up a set design mid century perfect In the bedroom and on the terrace, how could it be otherwise, it is the Mediterranean style that predominates. Friendly lines, natural materials and a palette inspired by the sea that can be enjoyed from each window.

Photos: Mauricio Fuertes

Advertising - Keep reading below Luxury at the table

In the dining room of this penthouse in Mallorca, under the lamp Brubeck Suspension from Delightfull, table and chairs Tulip from Saarinen to Knoll.

Hollywwod Regency Smoothing

Velvet, brass sparkles, style pieces mid century... the luxury of the renewed classic Hollywwod.

Soft velvet

In a corner of the lounge, armchair Bacharach Swivel, with velvet upholstery and brushed iron base, of Jonathan Adler. The floor lamp is the model Stardust from Delightfull.

At your feet

The carpets are Portuguese and are handmade.

Miami confirmed it to me

The optimism and color of Miami are at ease in this kitchen.

Kitsch touches

A neon greets us (and lifts our spirits) on the wallpaper Mauritius from Pierre Frey.


In the bedroom, serene colors, natural materials and friendly lines.

Eat out

Outdoor dining on the terrace.

Comfort zone

Space to rest looking at the Mediterranean in one of the terraces of the house.


Mónica Cernich and Marie-Luise Leja, the interior designers who sign the project, posing on the pink staircase that connects the two attic floors.


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