With mosaics and crazy! 15 bathrooms you need now

With mosaics and crazy! 15 bathrooms you need now

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Sometimes we give too much importance to furniture and do not think that an impact floor or wall may be what we need for our bathroom to gain character. These are some ideas that we have found diving through social networks ... Aim!

Advertising - Keep reading below Vintage style

There is nothing better to complete a style bathroom vintage Than a floor with mosaics.

Pinterest: Alicia Villora Esteve

With much light

A bathroom in white tones with natural light is itself warm and cozy, but with this gray mosaic floor, it is also elegant!

Pinterest: Lorena Aguirre


If your bathroom is bland and monotonous you can revitalize it with a background that attracts attention, and this wall with mosaics is ideal to achieve it.

Pinterest: Aurora Ray

Pure glamor

Is it or is not the shower of your dreams? The tile mosaic wall is so impressive that you don't need any more accessories.

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Symbiosis with wood

Cozy and elegant, a bathroom that combines the naturalness of wood with a floor that does not leave you indifferent.

Pinterest: Rosa Valles


Warm and chic, a bathroom that carries floor mosaics ... to the walls!

Pinterest: Gema Navarro


A bathroom inspired by the 50s has to have yes or yes an inspirational floor vintage.

Pinterest: Adriana CS

Of design

The design is impressive, but the floor intensifies it even more.

Pinterest: MADE


This white bathroom would not be the same without a floor like this. Is it or isn't it beautiful?

Pinterest: decoratualma


This is a bathroom with personality. The mixture of white tiles with the mosaic in green and blue tones is simply stunning.

Pinterest: Carlo Luis

Shower with presence

When it comes to creating trend, this bathroom knows how to do it. The mosaic of the shower is pure elegance, and combined with the golden faucet ... magnificent!

Pinterest: Ana María Beltrán

Blue charm

Blue is a relaxing color, and in this bathroom it also generates a floor so chic that it is impossible to stop looking at it. And along with the white tile walls and the golden details ... wonderful!

Pinterest: Claudia Gómez


The hydraulic tiles provide warmth to this industrial style bathroom.

Pinterest: Ventamueblesonline


A shower with natural light and a background of mosaics reminiscent of the sea is ideal to disconnect from problems in the most relaxing environment.

Pinterest: Miranda Bru


A black and white floral design that brings sweetness while harmonizing with the color gamut.

Pinterest: Jessica Fuentes Bellido