Protect your home from pollution and breathe without fear

Protect your home from pollution and breathe without fear

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Lately, air pollution levels have increased outrageously in big cities, and the health effects are overwhelming, especially if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is important that when you get home you maintain proper environmental hygiene, so that the time you are there your body rests as it deserves. Write down these tricks, and welcome the clean air!

Advertising - Keep reading below Close the windows

It seems obvious, but sometimes we leave the windows open all day. Therefore, When pollution levels are high, ventilate the house in the morning and then close them.

Add air purifying plants

Nature is our great ally. Simply having an aloe vera plant at home to increase oxygen levels in the air and eliminate toxins.

Beware of cleaning products

What we want is to run away from pollution, not generate it at home, so it is important that you be careful with the cleaning products you use, since some emit harmful gases and odors for health.

Turn off the router at night

Sometimes we think that pollution is always something visible, but the electromagnetic waves to which we are exposed every day can also be toxic. So you already know, before bed, turn off the router and say good night to the internet.

Eye with insecticides

In addition to cleaning products, insecticides are also dangerous to health. If you have no choice but to use them inside, put on a mask and ventilate the area well.

Isolate doors and windows

Sometimes it is not enough to close, since the particles of contamination can easily sneak into your home. Therefore It is essential that you invest in good isolation.