DIY ideas and small crafts to decorate and personalize your home

DIY ideas and small crafts to decorate and personalize your home

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In summer you have more free time, more daylight hours and lots of good ideas in your head. Get your most creative side and decorate your home.

Ideas that decorate

The paint coordinators in walls and furniture are fantastic.


Do you dare to paint the children's bedroom with a pink base of irregular peaks? Do it with a template and leave the top blank. The result is super decorative. And if you want to give a different air to the cabinets and bedside tables, Change the handles. In Leroy Merlin you will find everything you need.

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Set up your office like this

A board and some borriquetas... and you have the study table.


Add a few shelves to sort folders and filing cabinets. By last, a "hanging" grid panel It will serve you as a fun note organizer. A complete idea
from Garden Trading.

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Furniture with drawers

Painted in bright colors, These drawers have been transformed into colorful furniture.

table with drawers

The larger one, legs have been placed and serves as a console. About her, a work of Nuriabism. Look for her on instagram !: @collages_nuriabismo.

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From ladder to coat rack

A rustic hanger With a lot of charm.

This is very much, and in it you can leave the wet towel, so that it dries when you return from the beach, and the basket in which you will take from the sunscreen to the mobile. All at hand on this authentic staircase.

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