Multiply the space in the bathroom

Multiply the space in the bathroom

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Wearing a space in perfect order is a basic ingredient in the decoration of a space since disorganization can spoil the work of the best interior designer. The bathroom It is the space most likely to show clutter with poorly folded or non-hanging towels, brushes in between, makeup on the countertop, etc. With the adequate furniture, shelves next to the wall and other solutions that we propose you will have everything safe and away from prying eyes.

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Open fronts furniture and little background lighten the space although they involve keeping everything perfectly tidy since everything is in sight. In Ikea we find wall shelves, furniture to embed the sink and matching high modules to gain storage areas without losing sight of aesthetics.

Warehouse next to the bathtub

What a good idea! A semi-hidden drawer in the bathtub skirt; a fantastic option to store towels and earn a comfortable poyete at the same time as a bathtub end to support the gel and shampoo boats. It is a proposal of the Schmidt firm.

By the walls

The vertical warehouse He is always a great ally in small spaces. For the bathroom an excellent idea is to place some hangers on the wall where to hang the bathrobe and towels. If we complete it with a laundry basket pending washing the space will be clearer. Geometric container, from Ottoyana.

Traditional ideas

Of course the closed furniture Lifetime under the sink are excellent storage option that also allows to be less rigid with the order since the interior is hidden. Some baskets Beautiful will be the perfect complement for example to store paper rolls. Everything from Zara Home.

A very flirty piece of furniture

Female designs do not have to be at odds with functionality. East washbasin cabinet It is a good example of this, with two wide shelves and front to protect the wall from splashes. It's from Car Möbel.

Side drawers

Any space is useful as a warehouse, no matter how small this Schmidt design triumphs with front drawers and rounded sides with hidden shelves.

Decorate with textiles

If the floor of your bathroom is irregular, take advantage of the wall setbacks with storage furniture. In this space a slope was used to locate a shelving Large capacity perfect for storing towels. Textiles and accessories, from H&M Home.

Always warm towels

What a wonder it is to get out of the shower and let yourself be wrapped in a warm fluffy towel! If you think like me this towel radiator It will be your next acquisition; A fantastic idea to keep towels well hung and ready. It's from Runtal.

Flying furniture

One of the optical tricks to better integrate a piece of furniture in the bathroom and that it is lighter it is first that it is "hung" from the wall and that it looks a clear finish, if possible in the tone of the tiles. The model Emma Gala is perfect for this space, and even more for its double internal drawer, ideal for cosmetics.