A flat decorated with optimism in the traditional neighborhood of Lavapies

A flat decorated with optimism in the traditional neighborhood of Lavapies

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Miriam Yeleq

This house seemed like a lost case before its renovation, Despite its good location in Lavapiés, one of the emerging neighborhoods of Madrid castizo and just two steps from the Reina Sofía Museum. However, its triangular configuration against a dividing wall without gaps, the lack of light and its inefficient distribution, typical of a 1970 floor, so that any potential buyer would run away.

That, not to mention pastel colored paint and tiled in pink tones that covered the walls. But, even with all those inconveniences, the house "promised". And so it is demonstrated after its radical transformation.

Advertising - Keep reading under Pictures in the hall M. Alcaire

A set of pictures on the table looks great to decorate a corner or an entrance.

The flamenco lamp personalizes the entire space.


Attached to the wall, libraries have little background, so they hardly stand out.

Auxiliary furniture with tones have also been chosen naive, like the turquoise sideboard, adorned with a painting.


Red, yellow, gray, blue, pink ... The colors turn this bright room into a hyper cheerful space.

They have mixed without complex some more intense with others softer. The furniture, striking and very functional, are framed by a beautiful carpet, Kilombo Rugs.


The practical convertible sofa and armchair Delaktig They form a pleasant gathering area, next to the red center tables. Everything from Ikea.

On the coffee tables, candles, Cerabella. To achieve a climate of intimacy, table and floor lamps have been arranged, like the popular model Arc, from Flos, in Light Years.


Modular furniture, such as bedside tables, or bookcases that dress the back wall, do not weigh and can be easily moved.


It is a large multifunction space with integrated dining room. The furniture is from Leicht, model Ceres C, from Zelari, from Nuzzi.

Ash table Ypperlig, from Ikea, has a great place. On it, vases, from Zara Home, and the spectacular lamp Tam Tam, from Marset.


These two materials make the bathroom a clean, easy to maintain and, at the same time, very warm space.

The toilets and the shower tray are from Duravit, and the faucet, Urban Caiman

The towel rack, towels, bathroom accessories and baskets come from Zara Home.


The decorative key in the bedroom is based on the use of a color palette with coordinated and contrasting colors.

The original sculpture of the dog on the bedside table is from Zara Home.

Coordinated Colors M. Alcaire

The bedding, bedspread, cushions and carpet are from Zara Home.

Housing plan Infographic

The floor of the house has a triangle shape, but still the spaces are very well resolved and used. In one of the corners a huge kitchen with dining room was arranged. The living room has access to a terrace and also has two bedrooms, a living room and two bathrooms.

The reform project focused on enhancing natural lighting. To do this, it was necessary to literally reverse the reorganization of the original spaces, in order to make its use more flexible and adapt it to family needs. In one of the vertices of the triangle that forms the floor of the house - a large interior greenhouse that allows the entry of light from the patio of the building to the central area - a dining room has been installed, in which much of the daily life. Here the kitchen has also been integrated, of minimalist design, designed by the architects and executed by Zellari, from Nuzzi. From this space you can access the bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the living room, located at the opposite end. The circulation is very comfortable and the space is maximized.


If something stands out from the interiors is its vivacity. The white base of the walls and the floor of platform, of the signature Haro, serve as perfect background to use intense colors in the furniture and complements. Even in the master bedroom, a Side Line box is displayed on the headboard that pays a tribute to the color. To the color palette is added contemporary furniture that contributes to creating a sparkling environment.

All the housing reform has been carried out by Carlos Manzano Arquitectos (www.cmanzano.com), the architecture studio in which the owners of the apartment placed all their trust ... and they succeeded!