This year, Santa will give you a new bedroom!

This year, Santa will give you a new bedroom!

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The same thing happens every year: Christmas day arrives and the house is filled with toys. The problem is that more than half will be relegated to the background, or worse, to oblivion, as soon as they find something else that motivates them more.

Therefore, it is best to think of gifts that can take advantage of in the long term, for example, renovate your bedroom. Is there anything more exciting than entering a new room that gives off magic in every corner?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Sleeping in your little house Deco & Kids

If you want your bed to have the headboard sweetest and most original in the world, this house-shaped one will love it.

Further, The roof is available in several colors, and it's possible ppersonalize with your name!

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2 The guardians of your clothes Deco & Kids

East wooden coat rack So cute is inhabited by three cute animals that will be happy to protect your clothes.

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3 Future fashionista Maisons du Monde

If you already presume which mouse and loves to accompany you shopping, East wooden coat rack with drawer It will become your personal showcase. Get ready!

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4 Number one Maisons du Monde

Many times they find it hard to study, and it is that lying on the sofa is more tempting.

But renew desk area I could also renew your desire to do your homework, don't you think?

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5 Full color Maisons du Monde

All children need a stool in his bedroom, but ... a stool with colored pom poms? That's already big words!

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6 A mushroom with inner world The English Court

If you spend all day with toys lying on the floor, it's time to tidy up! And it sure is mushroom shaped basket conquers him as much as you.

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7 One for everything The English Court

The bedside tables are a basic in every bedroom, because they are not only responsible for holding the lamps, but also to keep their storybooks for the night, and this model white lacquered It's so cute!

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8 The jungle at home The English Court

Adventurous children need excitement from when they get up until they go to bed, something they will get with a reversible duvet cover set stamped with jungle animals.

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9 The cuckoo hedgehog The English Court

Just looking at it you want to punch it out, so imagine what the kids will feel with this Teddy hedgehog so soft Ideal for hugging at night!

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10 Two by two The English Court

Is bunk so striking red keep a secret inside ... do you want to meet him?

It is a convertible bunk in two single beds of 90 cm. Come on, it's perfect for two little brothers!

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11 Playground Menamobel

If the bedroom is big enough, one game's zone It will be more than welcome (and necessary)!

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