This year toast with organic farming cavas

This year toast with organic farming cavas

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Courtesy Juve & Camps

The dates where more toast are carried out per square meters are approaching ... And the choice of the sparkling wine with which we celebrate the holidays and toast for the new year should not be left to the end.

As much as the Christmas Eve or Christmas menu, wines and champagnes are essential for everything to go round on the most important dates (and family!) Of the year.


Without chemical additives and respecting 7 years of fallow for the earth to rest. These are just two of the characteristics that gave the Juvé & Camps cavas the certification of organic farming in 2015.

"From the collection of the grapes to the pressing, Juvé & Camps protects and takes care of each of the varieties to guarantee the maximum expression of its cellars and wines, the improvement of the quality of its products towards the consumer and the commitment and respect for nature. "

The winery decided to bet on an elaboration based on a deep respect for the environment and the environment. Thus, in 2015 and after 3 years of conversion of the vineyards, they prepared the first baking of 100% organic cavas and wines.

Have you decided yet?

Family Reserve, digs the flagship of the winery.


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