Beauty tips: Stop hair loss

Beauty tips: Stop hair loss

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Of every 100 hairs we have, there is always between 12 and 15% in the replacement phase, so it takes about four years to completely renew the hair.

Causes of loss and solutions

Our hair is renewed every day, but there are times of the year in which it is replaced more than in others and autumn is one of them. It is estimated that every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs and, at this time, between 150 and 200. In general, hair dies in spring, although it usually takes three months to fall. And if a hair dies, it is because, under normal conditions, there is another behind pushing out.

If the fall is prolonged over time, it is very exaggerated, even tufts, and affects the entire scalp, some disorder of the organism such as punctual or continued stress, traumatic situations, diseases such as anemia, thyroid problems may be hidden behind , diabetes or very strict diets with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is time to go to a specialist.

To improve the appearance and prevent the fall as much as possible, take care of the food, get vitamin hair blisters and wash with hair loss shampoos and strengthen your hair.

Care in your day to day

Include in your daily routines, a series of gestures to have healthy hair and delay its fall. Hair washing should be careful and not abuse hot water. If you need it, you can wash it every day, it does not fall more because the frequency is increased. Its cleaning is necessary to maintain elasticity, shine and good growth. Forget about rubbing hard. Massage it with
the fingertips and circular movements for at least one minute.

Hair massages stimulate the scalp, reduce the fall and improve circulation.

Promotes blood flow and the absorption of nutrients from shampoo and masks.

Brush the hair starting at the ends, without sudden pulls and holding the strand from the root. Whenever you can, dry it outdoors.

Wet hair breaks very easily, so it is advisable to use a fine and uniform barbed comb. In dry, opt for a brush of natural bristles.

Irons, tweezers and dryers They release heat by opening the cuticle and making the hair more brittle. If you still have to use them, put on heat protectors. The dryer always at a safe distance and never long on the same area.

Do not rub the hair with the towel to dry it, friction causes damage to the hair fibers.

There is a myth that says that if it is cut it often does not fall. It is false, the hair falls from the root, the length of the stem does not influence.

Regenerates the hair fiber with repair masks, like this one from Babaria.

Jojoba BABARIA hair mask. Plate


Dryness and hair breakage They can be solved with the intake of foods rich in folic acid, such as vegetables, avocado, red fruits or citrus fruits. This vitamin stimulates hair follicles by strengthening hair and strengthening hair roots, preventing it from weakening and, therefore, contributing
to its growth


Internal reinforcement Fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, peppers, oranges or raspberries, they are rich in beta-carotene that helps the body synthesize vitamin A, to strengthen the scalp, keep healthy
hairy pimples and stop the fall.

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