4 Tips for the children's room to be (finally!) Tidy

4 Tips for the children's room to be (finally!) Tidy

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Courtesy Primark

Youth bedroom and order are two terms ... opposite? With these tips, your child's room will no longer be a real lion.


Keys to success. An organization is essential to have a good environment. Young people tend to be disorganized, so, in addition to instilling in them the habit of having everything collected, we must ensure that they have enough storage space to carry it out. Take advantage of the gaps, from the stairs to under the bed.

Asoral berth. Courtesy of Asoral

Three great functions. This room must have a work space that helps concentration, a clear area for rest and a place for leisure. Although small, there are multiple options to avoid having to do without any extra storage furniture since they have many things to store.


A comfortable It can be a solution to have folded and handy clothes. In the bunkers and trunks They can store things with more volume, such as skates or balls.

Courtesy Maisons du Monde

If the furniture has wheels, better. You can modify the distribution and adapt it to your needs, like these, which you will find in Maisons du Monde. put a coat rack or hangers in a row, for the jacket, backpack and sports bags; Better to have everything hanging than on the floor. Buy a pouf with interior space, which allows them to sit.


Compact furniture or modular They allow you to optimize space. The bridge structures or berths are a good solution because of their storage capacity and the free surface they leave, this is from La Redoute Interieurs.

Courtesy La Redoute Interieurs

In the Beds-nest, with lower drawers, have the clothes of another season and so you will clear the closet. This one must be wide and equipped with shelves for the shirts (don't forget to fold vertically), drawers and one bar. And a Shoemaker, for sports.


This must be wide, with sufficient capacity to store all the material. put one chest of drawers Where you can have the things you need at hand.

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Shelves and bookcases They are the perfect allies to maintain order. Place boxes and baskets for small things, with labels or stickers to quickly identify what's inside. To keep papers and pencils at bay and not loose on the table, keep cabinets Y pencil holders. Take advantage of the wall and hang a organizer panel, They are very practical. There are small containers and hooks to hang your notes, photographs, schedules ... You will have
A specific site for everything and at hand!

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