The most terrifyingly delicious cakes

The most terrifyingly delicious cakes

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How much pastry art there is on Pinterest! We take off our hats before all these cakes, inspired by terrifying motifs that we all associate with Halloween night. Do you dare with any of these creations? Maybe you already have your own? Show it to us! We want to see her.

Advertising - Keep reading under Chocolate cake: a very lively cemetery

A very lively and very chocolate cemetery. Chocolate cake with graves for Halloween.

Source via Pinterest.

Cheesecake and chocolate spider web

Don't get your hands on your head with the spider web! It is the easiest to do.

This cake is made of Philadelphia cheese and chocolate and does not need an oven. My Petite Bakery tells us how to do it here.

Spider web for sweet tooth

And The Happiness Recipe offers us this spider web cake, in a recipe adapted from Marha Stewart's. A base, a filling and a chocolate hook. Look what it looks like. You just have to accompany it on the plate with a plastic spider.

Source via Pinterest.

Broken glass cake

Kanela and Lemon and their broken glass pie ... it's scary! And incorporates witch fingers.

Here is the prescription.

Red Velvet Bloody

A version of the classic Red Velvet. Objective Cupcake knows how to do it from a recipe by Alma Obregón.

Source via Pinterest.

Cheese and pumpkin pie

Without so much element to be scary, this cheese and pumpkin pie does not have to be reserved for Halloween only.

María Lunarillos knows how to do it here.

Brownie and Vanilla Cake

With several floors, a garland and some mini pumpkin.

Source via Pinterest.

Pumpkin pie

Very delicate, without blood or graves. María Lunarillos proposes a very chic pumpkin dessert. For the anti-Halloween.

It is a recipe by María Lunarillos.

With cut-out figures

Cake decorated with cutout figures. Via Pinterest

Bat cake

A vampire cake. Via Pinterest


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