Japo trends for your table

Japo trends for your table

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Japan conquers the West with its philosophy of life. Increasingly present in our homes, we present some ideas that conquer the table. Recipes, ingredients, household items ... There is so much to choose from! The Japanese country we like. We surrender to your proposals and the ease with which we access them. They will be yours at the click of a button.

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Advertising - Keep reading below Oriental Tarteras

Take oriental dishes to work to eat. These tarteras, model Bento Box, They have compartments to transport carefully placed food.

Japanese bento lunch box Ya Tatsumi (from 18.11 to € 26.87 each).

Kit to prepare green tea

Perfect skin with this antioxidant. The secret of tea matcha It resides in its preparation. Take it in ice cream or in its traditional version. The celebrities They have already delivered to this tea.

Kit to prepare green tea, from Tealux (€ 59).

Sushi on the table

Dining table set sushi (28,99€).

Matcha green tea powder

Green Tea matcha powder, from Kiss Me Organics (€ 22).


Cutlery set kawaii bento (14,28€).

Crushed ice for ice cream

Gori it's snow in japanese and kaki The way to cut the ice. Kakigori or snow cone It is the new way to make and drink ice cream.

Crushed ice machine CF Pro Series (79€).

With the food in tow

Bowl lunch box Skater (€ 14.16). For sale on Amazon.


Chopsticks Prime Nakamura (13,19 €).

Japo drink

Powder Matcha of Japanese green tea, from TeaTerrifics


Glasses TV Unser Original (€ 18.71 each).

Wasabi Powder

Wasabi powder, from Regional Co. (€ 13.99).

Set to start making tea

Set matcha Starter, from Teatox (€ 32.90).

Sushi cooking book

Book sushi New Edition recipes and accessories (€ 13.25).

Sushi mania to roll makis!

The raw fish revolution has ceased to be
culinary trend to be a kitchen classic
international. Roll up your makis!

Roll tool sushi, of Leifheit (€ 10.31).

Cooler cup

Cooler glass, from Zoku (€ 18.98).


Bowl, from Teeland (€ 26.90).