Ethnic rugs

Ethnic rugs

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Here you have a selection of five very attractive models that will help you dress the floor of any environment to the last.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Black carpet

With a black carpet, your living room will gain in character and personality. If, in addition, it contrasts with the rest of textiles, it will be the focal point. Model Shane, from Kave Home; in cotton chenille jacquard. It measures 1.60 x 2.30 m (€ 189).

2 Berber design

For environments where white or gray tones predominate, look for a rug that combines black lines on a neutral background. This is the design Berber Canvas, from Lorena Canals. It is made of cotton, dyed with natural dyes, and can be put in the washing machine. Its measures are 1.40 x 2 m (€ 155).

3 light tones

A beige or light shade rug will enhance the wood in the floor. If you are looking to convey a greater feeling of warmth, choose it with long hair. Model, of the signature House Doctor. It measures 1.40 x 2 m (€ 199.90).

4 Cotton model

Combine it with Nordic style furniture and you will be able to boost the elegant and serene air
of decoration. This cotton model is from Eekhoorn. It measures 1.70 x 2.40 m (€ 139), and is sold in Car Mobel.