9 Christmas decoration items (yes) you will want to keep

9 Christmas decoration items (yes) you will want to keep

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The English Court

In this era in which everything is marked by trends and fashion and in which practically everything has limited use or programmed obsolescence we propose a different mental exercise. That you keep with love, that you keep with care and that you reuse in the next parties, these 10 deco details (which we have seen in El Corte Inglés) and we consider essential to reflect the Christmas spirit ... of any year. Do you join the initiative to keep them?

Advertising - Keep reading under 1. A Christmas tree, yes but ... The English Court

A tree cannot be missing at any Christmas. You can put a traditional or something more current, of great elegance and minimalist aesthetics that you can put on and take off in a couple of minutes. We bet on this flat Christmas tree with light (€ 49.95) of The English Court, to give your house that touch of modernity that you are always looking for. It can be hung on the wall and it is so practical, that you will keep it for all years to come. You want it

2. The crown, essential The English Court

A crown at the door Your home is the Christmas accessory that can not be missing in your home. If the last year no longer convinces you or needs renovation, opt for a more sophisticated version (such as those that incorporate LED light), for a rustic and traditional or for a natural-inspired one ... Whatever your choice your guests are doing To love how you welcome your home. We have seen this crown as a constellation with LED lights (from € 29.95) in The English Court And he has us in love. Every options

3. A sock for gifts The English Court

There is no more endearing detail that everyone likes equally! The Christmas sock It represents the illusion of waiting, the emotion of surprise at the arrival of Santa Claus and one of the most magical sensations of these dates. You do not have to have a fireplace (although if you have it, great), you can hang it from any shelf or the knob of a door. In The English Court You have a wide assortment. We have decided on this raffia sock with reindeer drawing and postal stamps (€ 6.95) Absolutely ideal!

4. A different Bethlehem

Do you know the American nativity scenes? They are small winter stages that recreate traditional Christmas prints. Like this ferris wheel of the American people, with movement (€ 119). A detail with unquestionable retro charm that you can incorporate in any corner of your home. Some have light, others you can put it on. Choose to put several together and turn them on at the same time. We have seen them in The English Court and we are a perfect detail to flood your home with Christmas magic. Do you see them in your living room?

5. Put a snowball The English Court

They never go out of style, because as a time capsule, they keep inside all the charm of these dates. If you are looking for a traditional detail, opt for houses, snowy fir trees and a sweet melody. Although if you want to give your decoration a touch of topicality we recommend those that have gold details. What do you think of this with town and golden base? We have seen it in El Corte Inglés (€ 24.95). Do not you find it very cute?

6. A Christmas doll The English Court

What do you think of this original Santa Claus teddy? Bet on its soft colors, its minimalist aesthetic and its contemporary style. So modern that it will become a classic of all your Christmas, since it is very easy to incorporate into any decorative style. And by the way, it has a fun mechanism to lengthen your legs. My choice

7. An infallible wink of light The English Court

We have discovered them in El Corte Inglés and we want you to meet them! They are domes and decorative bells with light. An original and simple detail that will put that touch of magic and Christmas spirit to your home. You can find them with fir trees, reindeer and Christmas houses inside or with a bouquet of LED lights (from € 14.95). I am a Fan!

8. Christmas lights The English Court

Are you looking for how to welcome your guests in an original way, but without recharging the environment? We have what you need: a light curtain. You can place it on the wall of the dining room, keep everything dark and turn it on when they arrive, believe us, it will be like giving way to Christmas! In addition, they are usually LED light and their consumption is very responsible. A very eco detail, easy to put on, remove and save for future occasions. Our option: this curtain with 200 LEDs (€ 39.95) that you can find in The English Court. To save

9. A very endearing tableware The English Court

This crockery by pieces of white crockery, decorated with holly leaves and in the traditional Christmas colors (red and green) will become a classic of all your Christmas. It is the Inverna model (from € 3.95) and we see it ideal to wear in your dining room during the most indicated dates. Although it also seems perfect to use every day of the year, combined with other pieces in green or white (it is suitable for dishwashers and microwaves). What do you think?


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