Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

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Brian Woodcock

Not only decorated eggs live Easter. There are more resources for the joy of this party to transform any environment. For example, crowns formed by branches, green leaves, eggs, feathers, pineapples They are beautiful in front of the window, hanging on a door or as a centerpiece, to which you can also add candles. The garlands made with paper and string, either with Happy Easter lettering or with figures of bunnies, carrots, chickens or eggs.

The påskris. What are they? Bare branches that hang colored feathers and painted eggs. This type of arrangement, which is a tradition in Sweden, is ideal if you place the branches in a damajuana or glass bottle. Along a table, it also becomes a beautiful center.

Advertising - Keep reading under Creative desserts Brian Woodcock

Become a pastry professional during these days and prepare an unforgettable cake for its flavor and fantasy details. Daisies and animals of frosting They will amaze children and adults. Enhance the cake with a pedestal as simple and original as this, which is formed by an inverted bowl in terracotta tone and a natural wood disc; They have it on Amazon, in different sizes. Find Easter recipes on our website

Realization: Alison Allsopp / Erin Merhar. Photo: Brian Woodcock

Handmade universe Rachel Whiting

Baskets full of chocolate eggs are a must in these holidays, but this year yours will be the most original. Personalize it with some naive-style chickens made of cardboard. If you have fallen in love with this design, Elizabeth Harbor, you can download the template on her blog.
Realization: Elizabeth Harbor / Alaina Binks. Photo: Rachel Whiting

Loving bunnies Rachel Whiting

Adorable and playful, its mission is to bring the eggs - chocolate or colored - that you hide and children should look for. To create these rag animals, start by stamping mini colored flowers on scraps and follow the tutorial you will find on The idea of ​​sewing bright colored beads for the eyes and tying a ribbon on the neck makes them an ideal gift for any child. On Etsy you will find stamping stamps.

Realization: Elizabeth Harbor / Alaina Binks. Photo: Rachel Whiting

Make your day Brian Woodcock

Decorate your house with eggs arty, a most creative custom that has already spread throughout our country. Surely their colors enliven any corner. And also, in doing so, you will spend an entertaining afternoon that will be even more fun if you invite the kids to participate. Your basic kit: paint, markers, ribbons washi tape and the glue Mod Podge, non-toxic, to adhere the paper motifs you want.

Realization: Alexandra Schmitt / Sarah Scherf. Photo: Brian Woodcock

Motif Mix Rachel Whiting

Blues, reds, oranges, roses ... Easter decoration is as cheerful as spring. Unleash your creativity and create a centerpiece with brightly colored eggs. The result will be harmonious if they have something in common; Here, it is the luminous white used for the motives. Opportunities to show off them are not going to be missing: at your breakfast tablebrunch Food or snack will be the festive detail.

If you are up to date with the trends, our proposal is that you transfer the ones you like to eggs this Easter. It changes its white color for the year, the Living Coral. Other options are delicate dusty tones or decorative marbled effects,
ombré or degraded, dyed ...
Realization: Elizabeth Harbor / Alaina Binks. Photo: Rachel Whiting

In wild nature Brian Woodcock

Your guests will stay with their mouths open when they see this irresistible Easter table. Glassware and cutlery are sophisticated, but with the natural details a rustic, delicious atmosphere is recreated. Get inspired by it to surprise everyone: replace the tablecloth with a fiber table runner and a floral arrangement with a variety of greens, so that it gains freshness and movement - this combines anemones, fern and eucalyptus -, and uses natural wood discs such as individual ... Style lesson: make markers with moss nests and twigs, and place eggs on them with the initial of each painted diner.

Mini garden
The natural and charming air that distills this proposal, is also achieved with several seedlings placed in a row. You just have to cover their pots with sacks made with jute cloth and tie them with a string. The touch Easter you do it if you sew a rabbit, chicken or egg figure in kraf paper
Realization: Alison Allsopp / Erin Merhar. Photo: Brian Woodcock


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