Did you know that the c * c * museum exists? And it's nothing nasty

Did you know that the c * c * museum exists? And it's nothing nasty

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Unko Museum

Poop, is everything that could be found in a museum that revolves around an action so human and so makeup (not literally) in advertising speeches.

But far from meeting a grotesque exposure that would stir even the most resistant stomach, Unko Museum presents a series of adorable little caquitas in pastel colors (worth the metaphor 😂), reminiscent of the iconic emoji.

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In addition to perfect scenarios for taking photos that, with total security, will triumph on Instagram, the museum also has a section on the history of poop (seriously), and a space with themed games.

Find your hotel in Yocohama

Unko Museum Unko Museum

If, like us, you still do not understand what the purpose of such a frikada is, here is the explanation: it is a proposal to raise awareness among children about the importance of acquiring good eating habits, as well as hygiene in the bathroom. The thing changes, right?

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If you want to take the kids to this curious exhibition, you will have to travel to the Japanese city of Yokohama before July 15, which is when this event ends ... crap.



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