Neo Country, the trend for vintage souls in the modern era!

Neo Country, the trend for vintage souls in the modern era!

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We can't help it Tradition always calls us one way or another, and when it comes to decoration, the rustic style takes the prize! And is that those interiors that remind us of the cottages where we spent the summer as children, are irresistible! But of course, times change, and the comforts of modern life are also as attractive as necessary, so… Why not create a trend that combines both styles?

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The central island is modernized with wheels that make it infinitely more functional.

Pinterest: Vintage & Chic


You can also opt for a subtle decoration, for example, using a rustic-style bench in front of industrial windows. What do you think about the mix?

Pinterest: Isabel Exposito

With plants

If you want to get a style Neo Country Perfect, don't forget to decorate with plants!

Pinterest: Julie Mermillon

In the bedroom

Wood as the protagonist in a bedroom that perfectly combines the rustic style with modern details. How good it should be with that fireplace!

Pinterest: María Celeste Guzmán

A charming dining room

As simple as choosing a table with rustic-style chairs, and adding some industrial aesthetic lamps to generate the contrast!

Pinterest: Rara Sakuso

To the shower

Remember when you were going to spend the weekend in town and (horror) was running out of hot water? Well with the style Neo Country you can relive those moments ... from the heat of the shower!

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On the other hand

The wall separates the shower from the sink. A great idea to take advantage of the space!

Pinterest: Reyes

Open space

Another example for you to see how well industrial style lamps look in a rustic setting!

Pinterest: Oblivion Olivares


A few photographs, a chandelier ... And what a change! The perfect mix if you want to give a glamorous note to the atmosphere.

Pinterest: Rosalia


A stair-shaped towel rail is beautiful next to a style bathtub vintagedon't you think

Pinterest: Karin De Coeyer


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