Why you should use a bullet journal and how to get it

Why you should use a bullet journal and how to get it

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The digital era has brought great wonders, such as the possibility of connecting from anywhere in the world thanks to video calls, or the fact that you can read our magazine on-line… 😜

But, like everything in this life, evolution also implies a series of cons that we should analyze And is that addiction to smartphones or the immediacy we live under can cause serious problems in our ability to concentrate, affecting, for example, work performance.

However, many other times the cause of stress is the accumulation of tasks, and that is where the work of the bullet journalwhose main objective is help us be more productive and make efficient use of our time.

But to know the origin of this term, we must refer to its creator, Ryder Carroll, who developed the idea as a way to deal with the limitations imposed by his attention deficit. Your main tools? A notebook and a pen. And the operation could not be easier.

Is about divide the notebook into different sections, starting with a two-page index, and continuing through the 6-month planning, a monthly calendar, and a daily planning. In this way, you can analyze past and present to organize your future, Y decide on paper which of these tasks are really important, and which ones are expendable.

The good of bullet journal? That you can do it yourself, although, if laziness beats you, you can find already structured notebooks like the ones shown below.
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If you dare with the method and want to try it in a little house, here we leave you a Ryder Carroll video explaining how to do it step by step.