Foodie fever reaches your pet's menus

Foodie fever reaches your pet's menus

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When you read this book you will take your pet's food, you will see ...

This is a complete manual on the dog feeding and the growing tendency to give them a more balanced meal with homemade dishes. So go forgetting the dry and bland feed, your puppy will be a foodie More in the house.


To buy Feed Me Ed. Pahidon, € 23.51

Carrot risotto with veal soasada, puffed rice burger, rabbit roast with potatoes and kefir, couscous with coconut and quinoa aroma with zucchini, lamb ragout ... These are just some of the proposals that Liviana Prola, author of the book and doctor in Veterinary Sciences, in addition to president of the Italian Association of Animal Nutrition, he explains in detail in this edition of Phaidon.

Of course there is much more in the book. Liviana includes a complete guide on animal nutrition, vitamin supplements and dietary needs of animals. And Kevin Waldron's illustrations are a love.


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