The dark origins of the Ot Academy

The dark origins of the Ot Academy

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Operation TriunfoFacebook

Think about Triumph operation It is synonymous with joy, emotion, living music with the same illusion as a child. Ironically, the origins of the building that houses the headquarters of the program and the Academy are far from any positive sensation.

On June 8, 1952, the Thorax hospital was inaugurated in Terrassa, a gigantic complex 40 meters high, intended to treat patients with tuberculosis and respiratory diseases. With capacity for 1,600 beds, the building had been designed to accommodate all of Catalonia's patients.

But the misfortunes were not long in coming, and the seriousness of some patients, in many terminal cases, made them choose suicide as the fastest way to end their suffering, jumping from the ninth floor.

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Following the macabre events after the closure of the hospital, the legends about paranormal phenomena and the recording of alleged psychophonies flooded the news, making this old hospital a kind of place of worship for mystery lovers.

Already in 2004, the municipality of Terrassa and the Generalitat de Catalunya began to shape the creation of an audiovisual production center, today known as the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya, where, among others, the recording of Triumph operation.

And it is that thanks to the possibilities of the environment, the old hospital was also the scene of many horror and suspense films, such as REC 2, Mindscape or A monster comes to see me.