A flirty duplex of 50 square meters

A flirty duplex of 50 square meters

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Miriam Yeleq

The owners of this house, a couple without children, dreamed of a comfortable shelter to use as a temporary residence during their frequent stays in Madrid and found this duplex located in the center.


LADDER OF TWO SECTIONS. The metal steps and structure give this element an attractive industrial air. Miriam Yeleq

With something over 50 m2, the house is organized on two floors. On the ground floor are the living room, dining room and kitchen that, despite sharing the same space, are perfectly defined through the staircase that connects the two heights. The first floor was reserved for the bedroom and its corresponding bathroom.

DISTRIBUTED ONLINE. A beautiful staircase is practically in the middle of the floor, so that it divides the space into several environments, delimits the living area of ​​the dining room and gives some privacy to the entire kitchen. It is a visually light design, which does not hinder the passage from one environment to another or from the light. The armchairs and the coffee table are from Thai Natura. Miriam Yeleq THE WALL OF SOFA. A composition of mirrors of different shapes and sizes helps to create a focus on the living area, in addition to providing a decorative plus. They are from Vical Home, Santiago Pons, Maisons du Mond, Thai Natura and Casashop. On the sofa, cushions by Harlequin and Pepe Peñalver. The pouf is from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

The owners wanted to provide the home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, for which they trusted Paula Balboa, from the PIPA Interior Design studio.


VERY WELL TAKEN. The kitchen was designed in absolute white, to reflect to the maximum the light that enters through the glass doors. The furniture was grouped in a front and, both the plate and the sink, small were chosen. The complements are from Ikea. Miriam Yeleq

When facing this project, the interior designer found an open kitchen, decorated in absolute white, which would mark the decoration of the rest of the floor. Thus, this color, also present in the staircase, was used as a conductive thread between the environments. The sofa, in blue, brings the contrast note. This is the only element that the owners recovered from a previous home, since the PIPA Interior Design team was responsible for choosing the rest of the furniture, as well as most of the accessories. Among the pieces of furniture, they also included studio designs, such as the headboard of the bedroom, a piece of straight lines, upholstered in raw.


GARDENING. In the bedroom, the area where the inclination of the ceiling is greater was reserved to place the bed. The headboard is a design by PIPA Interior Design. Bedside table and lamp, from Vical. Cushions, by Deco & Living. Miriam Yeleq

The base with which the interior designer found herself - white painted walls and wooden floors - was perfect to show off both the furniture and the studied touches of color in fabrics and accessories: green, blue and yellow on the ground floor, and soft tones in the bedroom.


TOP FLYED. In the space that is free under the sink was used with two baskets of fiber. Miriam Yeleq

The bathroom of the master bedroom is a bright space, covered with a porcelain tile that imitates marble. The mirror, by Thai Natura. The tollas are from Ikea, and the accessories, from Zara Home.


Infographic Infographic

This duplex, despite its small size, has been fully exploited. On the ground floor there are three communicated environments - living room, dining room and kitchen - and on the upper loft, the master bedroom with its full bathroom.