These are the beaches you can go with your dog this summer

These are the beaches you can go with your dog this summer

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The moment of the holidays that we expect throughout the year, for many of us it is also a bittersweet moment. On many occasions our pets cannot accompany us.

But we have found the map of the beaches of Spain where you will be able to go with your dog and enjoy together a good bath or an entertaining departure to frisbee.

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But keep in mind that before going on vacation you must…

Make sure that the animal has all the necessary vaccinations and papers ... The pet's ID card and identification card must always be available. (Information provided by Edgard & Cooper, natural food brand).

From Virbac they also recommend us:

Do not forget your antiparasitic treatments, your vaccines and your possible allergies and intolerances. If you notice that your dog shows strange behaviors, he is apathetic, he loses his appetite ... it is possible that something is not going well. He would do it for you without hesitation. (Information provided by

Virbac Veterinary HPM).

So you already have a very good reason to put your beach towels in your suitcase and run to hit a good dip.

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