A book that will enlighten you ... literally

A book that will enlighten you ... literally

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If you are a book lover, surely you already have a good bookcase with your favorites at home, and you will also have your own reading corner. But with this lamp you already devote yourself as a "mouse (or mouse) of library."

Design Within Reach

This original lamp that we discovered in Design Within Reach is a design by Max Gunawan and is called Lumio, and is ideal to show your love for the lyrics ...

Design Within Reach

Closed and off will go through a real hardcover book in your bookstore but if you open it it becomes a rechargeable lamp, with LED lights, which you can take to any room in the house.

Design Within Reach

You can leave the "book" in half and it will be beautiful but you can also open it completely - the covers have magnets - and it will be a lamp with a round design.

Design Within Reach

You can order it with wooden covers or upholstered in fabric and it is available in three colors. And the mini version is adorable!

Book lamps

lamp 29,99 € amazon.es Buy

Decorative Table Lamp, USB Rechargeable, 500 Lumens Enhanced Brightness.

lamp 19,99 € amazon.es Buy

LED Folding Lamp, rechargeable with 5 Colors.

lamp € 17.99 Tomshine amazon.es Buy

Night Lamp, warm white Wood.

lamp 31,79 € amazon.es Buy

Rechargeable LEDGLE book lamp (Warm Color).


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