DELAKTIG, the word that will change your life ... Forever!

DELAKTIG, the word that will change your life ... Forever!

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If your living room is smaller than the Ratatouille booth, we present the solution that will change your life forever ... And no, we do not mean throwing partitions, but DELAKTIG, the new limited collection of IKEA and Tom Dixon where the sofa is It becomes the main center of activities. Because, let's face it, since Netflix and food delivery came into our lives, we have settled in the lounge with more attachment than Hemingway to wine.

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Eating, dining, napping, meeting friends, working ... These are just some of the routines that we have adapted to the busiest space in the home, and if this is small, it would make sense to think of versatile furniture that can be transformed according to your needs , do not? Well that's just the philosophy behind DELAKTIG!
But if you're wondering who Tom Dixon is, you should know that he is one of the most famous figures in the world of design since the 80s, and that today his work has been acquired by renowned museums such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, or the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, among others.
So, with such a presentation, IKEA and the famous designer set to work hand in hand to conceive a collection of industrial structure, where aluminum is crowned as the king thanks to the resistance and quality it brings to the products, giving rise to flexible furniture that adapts to very different lifestyles.
You want to see her now, huh? Well, your wishes are orders ...


Three options and three colors at your disposal: light gray, dark gray and blue. Choose based on the size of your room, and start playing! Change the backups of the place, the armrests, add cushions, remove them ... But as soon as you finish customizing it, be sure that nobody will have a sofa like yours!
Have you noticed that you need a DELAKTIG (or several) in your life? Well, you can buy them at IKEA! The footrest comes to € 306, the blue two-seater sofa you will find from € 649, although if you want it with 3 seats you have it from € 799. Do you prefer the chaise longue? Well, it can be yours from € 519, and if you dare with the armrest plus cushion, it will only cost you € 63


Drink coffee, read, study, work ... A table should be unstoppable, so with DELAKTIG you choose when and how. Maybe you prefer it to be next to the armrest, or in the middle of the sofa, or wherever it occurs to you ... Also, being aluminum will resist what you throw. Buy yours for € 59!


There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to adapt your posture to the lamp to be able to read at ease ...


That is why with DELAKTIG they have created a model with flexible head that you can place standing or hook it directly to the structure.


Do you want her Well, it can be yours for only € 89.