The ten best country houses

The ten best country houses

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 In stone

It is very common to find country houses in stone, with thick walls and woodwork.

Do you want to know what are the keys to decorating a country house? Here you have all the information: /// ideas-decoration / keys-to-decorate-a-country-house

2 colored facade

Whitewashed in orange with a maxi access door in dark wood and the touch of color of the windows, in mint green. Wrought iron furniture, plants, lanterns ... ideal!

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3 Bucolic porch

The gazebo of this country house is idyllic and with a bucolic air. Beams covered by climbers make a porch and protect the dining room.

Do you want to discover the rest of the house? Click here: //new-style./casas-lujo/casa-de-campo-con-jardin

4 Blank and stone

With porch and two heights. A current construction, with straight lines in two finishes: stone and white.

A house to enjoy the rest, which you can see complete here: /// houses / house-with-terrace-to-rest

5 Country Welcome

The access to this house is country total. On the facade of a country house there is no shortage of flowers and plants and some baquito forge or wood.

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6 Two floors

Two plants in wood and stone, another of the most used combinations in country houses. The shot of the chimney seen from the outside and that suggestive and warm light of the interior. It is a house designed by SHKS Architects.

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7 All windows

Fully integrated in nature. There are buildings that seek to "camouflage" in the landscape. Among trees and with a certain tropical air is this one-story house with a four-water roof and fronts that open through large windows.

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8 Cottage Cottage

A style cottage, as an English countryside, for this fairytale cottage.

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9 Mini country house

In the same line cottage, this mini country house is a fairy tale.

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10 Ecological Country House

Rectangular. A mobile home, aware of nature and consumption. Stake cottage, ecological, is special.

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