A renovated kitchen to gain space

A renovated kitchen to gain space

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Miriam Yeleq

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Advertising - Keep reading below Scandi look

The office, in Nordic style, consists of a natural wooden table in contrast to the chairs in black. Behind him, a row of low furniture, simple and clean lines, runs along the wall. On them a generous work surface allows to prepare the dishes comfortably. Blanco Zeus countertop, from Silestone.

U-shaped kitchens, like this one, allow you to develop different tasks
in a more efficient space.

The Nordic decoration, dominated by white, black and wood, is unique to maximize order, capture more light and convey a sense of cleanliness and hygiene.

The openings with gola system in drawers and folding in the high cabinets are comfortable and current. Like the glass fronts, they protect the walls from splashes when cooking and facilitate cleaning.

With good light

The sink was located in front of the sliding window that overlooks the terrace with clothesline and through which a pleasant natural light enters through a screen-type blind.

U-shaped distribution

The workspace has been organized in an inverted U-shape, with the cooking zone in the center and the sink and the work surface on the sides. A practical glass front runs through the entire area. The tall cabinets, ideal for storage, are made of chestnut wood in contrast to the rest of the matt white lacquered neutral furniture. On the floor, porcelain cement tile, from the firm Grespania. Paneras in blue and cream tones, from R de Room

Paneled front

Between the two access doors the wall has been used to place a white paneled furniture to the ceiling that hides the refrigerator and cabinets, and exposes the oven and microwave. Attached to the partition where the sink ends the office is located.

Blackboard XL

Near the door leading to the terrace, a huge slate has been placed on the wall, very practical to point the next purchases. Next to it, a milled furniture hides the radiator and a large door the electrical panels and the Internet installation.

AD HOC kitchenware

To balance the seriousness that prints the black of the slate and the chairs, a wooden table was chosen in a natural tone. Above it, a functional and elegant daily tableware in perfect color harmony.

Separate laundry

What used to be a small toilet has now become a separate laundry room, with a sink on one side and a white piece of furniture to the ceiling, on the other. Inside the latter, the washing machine and the column dryer and a shelf for storing clothes are hidden. Basket, from Zara Home.

With office, terrace and laundry room

The Uxban real estate group ( has been the architect of this rehabilitation in order to gain useful space. Thus, the old kitchen with pantry and service bedroom with bathroom is now a spacious place with laundry. The decoration is the work of HS Decor.

Laundry. A door communicates with a practical laundry room where they are located
the washer, dryer and extra battery.

Cooking zone and sink. U-shaped cooking plate, sink and a large work surface are arranged. Storage furniture, in white and wood, is distributed above and below.

Office Following the partition of the work area, a small dining room with a table and four chairs was arranged. Behind him, a slate wall and furniture have been placed to hide the electrical installation.

Paneled This front houses the rest of the appliances: the column ovens and the white paneled refrigerator, like the cabinets.