How to decorate the bedroom according to ages

How to decorate the bedroom according to ages

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Furniture and textiles, similar in Laura Ashley. Penny winger

No matter what you are single Or have a partner. When you become independent, you want a large bed. The bedroom is considered as a refuge where to forget the busy pace of life. And, above all, as a place to enjoy those small pleasures that you now value so much: fluffy quadrants in which to rest while you browse social networks, soft sheets to the touch, a duvet cover ... A final tip: the predominance of white It will make your room look more spacious and bright. Furniture and textiles, similar in Laura Ashley.


From Ikea: Släkt bed, with lower drawer (€ 259); Släkt pouf, with storage (€ 89); Stillsamt rug (€ 34.99); Stillsamt Duvet Cover (€ 14.99); and Örfjall chair (€ 39.99). IKEA

You may not remember, but at your age, you also liked spending hours in your room. From a practical point of view, you need all the possible storage space - a bed with drawers, a pouf with an inner container ... - and a study area. And from the decorative, his style will still evolve. Choose plain furniture, in easy to combine tones, and adapt the wall coverings and accessories to your successive tastes.


Collection Vintage, by Piccolo Mondo: bed, in 80 x 75 x 150 cm (€ 799); bedside table, in 45 x 40 x 54 cm (€ 380); on it, lamp (€ 93.20); horse head, raffia (€ 299); flower armchair (€ 152.50); and on the floor, casita-magazine rack (€ 33). Courtesy of Piccolo Mond

Before you know it, it will have grown, and you are interested that the furniture is worth it until you make the jump to adolescence. Ideally, bet on growing furniture. Follow the rule "less is more": with a small child should place few pieces to move freely around your room without hitting.