Cool blues for the living area

Cool blues for the living area

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It is demonstrated the effect that colors exert on the mood of people and even some animals. It is usual that we dress in garments in shades that resemble our mood of that day, even without being aware of it.

If we move these sensations to the world of decoration, their capacity for influence becomes even more important, if possible, hence the insistence of interior designers and decorators when it comes to Choose a predominant color to create atmosphere. The symbology and sensations are there; for example, if we choose the blue range for the lounge We will remove tensions and provide relaxation to the space.

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In this room, soft shades of blue were combined with neutral and light colors that evoke the colors of the beach.

Sofa Colinton (€ 1,485). Curtains (€ 49 / m) and paper (€ 48 / roll), by Laura Ashley ...

You saw the wall

The decorative presence of some wallpapers implies the choice of plain textiles and furniture with simple lines for the rest of the room.

In this room the role model Brocante, Pip Studio signature, speaks for itself, is striking and very original (€ 145 roll). Accompanied by a classic air sofa, in cowboy blue velvet, the atmosphere cools and shows a look very personal.

Create a blue spotlight

Comfortable 3 seater sofa model Dandy, of the signature Maisons du Monde. It is upholstered in spiked oil blue velvet and measures 1.92 x 0.95 x 0.88 m (€ 999).

Field Aires

The subtle delicacy of fluttering butterflies certainly emulates the bright spring days, the heat and the country atmosphere. Catching a part of this pleasant sensation may be possible with a patterned paper with illustrations of these winged bugs.

It belongs to the collection Butterfly, Caselio signature, and consists of a panoramic piece of 2.80 x 0.50 meters (€ 104.55).

Add color with blue accents

Sinuous vase enameled in white and decorated with blue motifs. It belongs to the new Zara Home collection (€ 35.99).