How to clean the white walls and make them look like new ... without having to paint

How to clean the white walls and make them look like new ... without having to paint

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Opting for homemade solutions such as the one we tell you next, helps to solve the problem of leaving the room as new without having to go through the painter ... and an argument with the landlord.

In this case, the walls must be smooth and white (refrain from those in beige, gray or gotelé). This trick can remove not only stains of double-sided tape or chafing, but traces of paint or pencils.

The best? The investment. You only need putty to fill holes, a container and a sponge. And of course, the star ingredients: water, dishwashing soap, white vinegar and baking soda.

The first thing to do is remove all glue debris double-sided that must have put sheets and other decorative elements. To do this we go to the trick of the dryer: soften first and then remove with a spatula. Do not worry about the stain.

Fill in the gaps that remain after putting tacos and nails throughout the room. You will leave the walls completely ready to start the cleaning work.

For clean the walls of debris, stains and drawings Prepare a hot water solution with dishwasher soap, white vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Have a new scourer (double-sided, on hand to rub the toughest stains and remove debris with the other), a ballet (to dry) and gloves.

Start by rubbing the wall with the rough part of the scourer in circular motions until the stain is finished. Then, with the softest part, in vertical movements, from top to bottom to remove remains, with clear water. If it is very wet, pass the ballets over. But it is best to let air dry.

Repeat this operation on each of the walls and then ventilate the room. You will leave the room as new.


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