A potted garden

A potted garden

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The size. Choosing the right pot will influence the basic tasks of maintenance, fertilization, sulphating ... Calculate the meters you have and the type of plants you want to put and if they are going to be exterior or interior. A fern does not need the same space to grow as a bonsai or a bush.

Youcrop error. Choose one that is quality, loose, slightly clayey and rich in nutrients. Remove it from time to time so that it does not cake and allow moisture to pass. Nourish with homemade compost and place nutrient bars every 2 or 3 months.

ANDl irrigation. Small pots need less water than large pots but you have to water them more often. Touch the earth with the fingertips, if it does not get dirty, your plant needs water.

If the pots are going to be outside, the resin or PVC ones are the best. And if you put them on wood, let it be treated.

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After planting, always clean the gardening tools.


If you are a decoration lover and want to give a touch of distinction to your house in an economical way, dare! Place your plants in paper bags Kraft You can make the ones of small size yourself, and place a cactus or buy a larger one.

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There are no excuses anymore. If you don't have time to take care of them, a good option is artificial flowers. Every day they are more successful, you do not need to water them and you have a great variety in the market.

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