"Decorate" your return to work

"Decorate" your return to work

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You have been outdoors for a long time and now you return to the office with hardly any natural light. Try to make the work quality by reinforcing it with flexos and table lamps.


What a great solution to have your favorite magazines neat and handy! These wooden filing cabinets are from Gisela Graham London. They carry a printed sign with their content and a shooter in the song. A super simple and resultona idea that, in addition, can inspire you to make your own version. You only need similar filing cabinets; the letters are printed with a stencil and paint template and then a handle is fixed, which facilitates the extraction, when you place them in a bookcase, for example.


Even if your job is only reduced to a table and chair, make it a pleasant and personal space for the rentrée Be light. Place photographs of your children, your partner or your pet ... and you will feel something more accompanied, more "at home".


Window decals: Purlfrost Window Film. Emmanuel Baumard

They are very practical, if you live in a bass, or you don't want to put curtains or curtains. The self-adhesive decorative vinyl, Like the ones in the picture. They guarantee light and offer privacy. An easy system to cover part of the glass or the entire surface of the window. The blade is cut with a cutter and fixed by hand: let the light through without seeing the inside.


Surround yourself with plants, energy stones, images of forests, seascapes and work with relaxing music. Everything is good to recharge the batteries without realizing it and do the tasks with more encouragement.


It is also the time to return to school, and the disbursement in books and school supplies that this implies. So that your monthly budget does not falter, recycle. Why don't you go to online portals to buy second-hand material for your children? In addition to purchasing the manuals you need, you can sell those of other courses.


The sofa has been built with two pallets - for the seat and backrest - both painted white.

Create a charming corner where reading quietly or chatting in the fresh air is not complicated, nor does it require disbursing a money. Take the imagination and you will see how simple. Look at this proposal by Leroy Merlin: it was enough to place a sofa with good mattresses under a shadow wall to give life to this patio. And everything has been done with elements that can be found in their shopping centers.

The tropical motif print of the fabric, the cushions and the textile accessories refresh with their green and white tones, and are in full fashion. Add suspended pots of the roof in rope stands and ceramic objects, you have your relaxation corner ready!


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