An English-style country house

An English-style country house

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Marked by the beauty of its surroundings, this country house is located in Ruiseñada, a beautiful Cantabrian area near Comillas. Thanks to the wide expanse of building land, the architect Javier Suárez de Puga he did not see it necessary to design a building of two heights; the result is a plant that draws a kind of Z which allows to take better advantage of natural light. Perfectly integrated into the landscape, the house combines traditional aesthetics with a modern and cozy decoration.

The interior designer and owner of the Palmira store in Madrid, Sandra Sánchez de Movellán, who took care of its decoration, knew how to transmit to all environments a romantic, comfortable and natural image to enjoy rest and absolute relaxation.

The exposed beamed ceilings and wooden pavement they occur in all rooms and, in addition to providing warmth and visual continuity, they become an important decorative element that reinforces the rural character of the construction.

The pieces of furniture, in a simple classic style, share the same color range of soft tones and give their prominence to the fabrics, of cheerful prints, and to the walls, covered with striking English-inspired wallpapers. It is the case of the hall and the kitchen, all freshness and color, with flirtatious and feminine papers of tiny stamped on its walls. Also in the dining room, a pink paper is a focal point with a floral motif larger than the previous ones. In the rooms the paint of raw colors dresses the walls, while the fabrics are responsible for animating the atmosphere.

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Interior designer Sandra Sánchez de Movellán chose for the walls a beautiful paper with a tiny print. The elegant white console stands out on its pink color, while the accessories, such as the golden candlestick, the box and the bouquet in the vase, reflect the care for the small details. Console, by Becara.

Living room

The large windows allow you to contemplate the extensive meadow that surrounds this Cantabrian house. The wooden beamed ceiling is a prominent decorative element in this cozy space, heated by a fireplace with built-in cassette. Its light color harmonizes with the walls and lightens its visual weight. Sofas, armchair and tables, from Palmira.

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The dining room and living room became independent through two partitions that do not reach the ceiling; A wide span communicates these environments.

Seating area

On the face of the partition that overlooks the living room, a bespoke bookstore was placed, painted in the same tone of the walls.

Dinning room

Towards the dining room, this partition was decorated with a colorful floral pattern paper, faithful to the British style of the house. Tablecloth, from Palmira. Stripped chairs, from Becara. Crockery, from The Warehouse of Loza. Glassware, from Ikea.

Rustic kitchen

The style of a country kitchen was recreated with the white furniture and the wood and mud tones of the countertop and the floor. The enronted fronts and with frames formed with a recessed molding harmonize with the carpentry. A wallpaper that covers the section of the wall to the ceiling introduces the color note in this space.


In the purest country style, it was decorated with wooden chairs with an enea seat and a table dressed in a cheerful flower tablecloth. The wallpaper, by its design, full of color and movement, and by the large surface it covers, became the protagonist. Wallpaper, from Palmira. Crockery, from The Warehouse of Loza.

The exterior of the house

Facade of the house, concrete with white plaster, and old tile roof.

Main bedroom

It gives off a great freshness and lightness thanks to the raw tones and the light wood. The bedside table and the lamp, both in white, tone with the window, the bedding and a stripped chair, located in the foreground. On the immaculate background of the walls, only some paintings with classic motifs were placed, which replace the headboard and harmonize in this environment, where order and calm reign. Bedding, Texture.

Dressing room

Two closets, separated by a dresser, make up the storage area of ​​the master bedroom. With the doors, divided into frames, recessed moldings and the fabric with Toile de Jouy print in strawberry color, the style of a classic dressing room is recreated. The toile de Jouy was acquired in Palmira.

Child's bedroom

In the children's bedroom, Ikea's beds were dressed with a colorful flower bedspread, matching the curtains. The patterned fabric of the bedspreads, were purchased in Palmira.

English-inspired spaces

An English cottage air is recreated with wallpapers and cheerful upholsteries. The environments are encouraged without reloading the set. The exposed beams and the ceiling were painted white in the living room and the kitchen to lighten their visual weight and enhance the luminosity.


- The two partitions that separate the living room and dining room allow you to win a bookstore in the living area and decorate the dining room with wallpaper.
- In the office, portrait photographs mean a break with the decoration, which increases the visual interest in space.


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