The best technological gadgets for back to school

The best technological gadgets for back to school

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Times have changed and when a few years ago the only thing that worried us when September arrived was to have the case full of colored markers today translates to queuing in the Apple Store to get the new iPad ...

Yes, sometimes the obsession borders on the absurd, but you cannot omit the fact that education evolves, and something as expendable to you as a tablet new can be crucial for the development of your classes. So, with this in mind, why don't you take a look at our list of gadgets children?

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Smartwatch connection daddies and children Xplora

If you want to have your little one controlled at all times, with this smartwatch available in three color combinations you can phone him in the simplest way. It has GPS.

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2 love bites Firebox

These adorable animals will take care of protect the charger when plugged into the phone. Simple, functional, and fun!

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3 Battery butt Firebox

And if you forget the charger in a house ... This Extreme battery With the shape of a puppy it will keep you safe from unwanted disconnections.

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4 To infinity Firebox

And beyond! Because with this portable planetarium, every night will become a show worth remembering, as it will show you the real constellations as if you saw them live.

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5 Optimum hydration Playful

This is not just any bottle: includes a water control sensor and a software educational thought for children to learn the importance of hydrating in the most fun way.

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6 The perfect tablet Amazon

In addition to having an adorable aesthetic, is tablet 7-inch includes a shockproof housing, Y Safe web browsing for children. Not to mention their 16 GB of storage with the possibility of adding a micro SD card up to 32 GB, or their two cameras: front and rear.

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7 Safety first

Riding a bicycle is one of the greatest pleasures that exist, especially for the freedom to feel the fresh wind in your face. But security is essential, and more in the kids! So do not hesitate and buy this pair of indicators with lights that will illuminate as soon as you raise your hand.

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8 The guardian koala Amazon

This koala so majete is actually a memory USB with 16 GB capacity, and shockproof!

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9 Al rico chocolate Amazon

And for the sweet tooth ... another pen drive, but this time, in the form of delicious ounces of chocolate and 16 GB of storage. They will have to control themselves so as not to take a bite!

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10 Journey to the future Firebox

Nails on virtual reality glasses You can discover amazing corners of the world in 360º and without leaving the site. Gone are the encyclopedias on paper!

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