This folding chair (for 9 people!) Will be the star of your picnic

This folding chair (for 9 people!) Will be the star of your picnic

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One of those discoveries that leave us with our mouths open: This folding chair (yes, if like those that you take to the beach or to the campsite) can accommodate 9 people. The best thing is that it is super easy to transport, lightweight and does not require a special installation. QUICKPLAY PRO portable folding bench Buy

This folding bench, in addition to being resistant, offers comfortable seating for the whole family without any more complications to transport it than your typical beach chair. It is available with four, six or nine seats, so you can choose according to the number of relatives you are going to invite to your picnic (grandmothers, grandfather, uncles ...?). It is also great for sporting events, such as extra seats during a party or around the bonfire on the cold September nights.

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