Is your bedroom up to your dreams?

Is your bedroom up to your dreams?

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1. Decorated with a lot of sight

The English Court

Did you know that the color that dominates the bedroom influences the quality of rest? For example, yellow stimulates the nervous system, red is exciting and activates circulation, orange is regenerative, gray brings calm and neutrality and green favors balance and mental relaxation. That is why it is not surprising that it is the color that is most frequently chosen for the most private room in the house.

In this bedroom a soft cotton bedding has been combined, in a palette of colors in gray and different shades of green (floral print with watercolor effect). This has achieved an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation perfect for sleep.

From the English Court, double upholstered headboard with Balmoral frames (from € 255), set of green Sempere duvet cover (from € 45.95), set of green Sempere cotton sheets (from € 35.95); Egyptian Satin Home Concept adjustable cotton fitted sheet (from € 55.95); viscoelastic mattress and HR Lambda 16 Brown (from € 893) and Malaysian jute cushions.

2. A well ventilated space

The English Court

Open the window when night comes, so fresh and fresh air will favor relaxation before sleep.

In this bedroom proposal, with the main piece located in front of a large window, the perfect aeration with Mallorcan blinds has been achieved. The 100% cotton bedding, with a soft and breathable touch, in turquoise color, adds the fresh touch to the environment.

From El Corte Inglés, Timor jute detail cotton sheet set (from € 29.95); Newpoc duvet cover set (from € 45.95); Wool and silk decorative blanket, handmade, Chevron (€ 129) and HR Physiotec Elast Dinoc mattress (from € 1,365).

3. Silence! He sleeps

The English Court

The laptop, mobile or television are not good roommates. The moments before sleep should be gentle, with soft and mitigated sounds. Your room has to convey calm and peace to your own mood of a spa. How to achieve it? In the room, better all in order and in balance, soft lights that allow you to read and induce sleep and noise to a minimum. In bed, quality textiles in fresh and relaxing colors, such as blue and white, and a mattress that suits your body well.

In this proposal, from El Corte Inglés, the perfect comfort has been achieved with a Visco + HR + Visco Eden Relax mattress mattress (from € 1,063); a double Alexandria headboard (from € 275); a set of Wategoos duvet cover (from € 49.95) of 100% cotton and with a mix of pillows of different sizes (Banded Sateen satin quadrant cover, € 19.95).

4. Everything to the target

The English Court

It never goes out of style, is sophisticated, exquisite, neat and blends well with any style, dresses the room of light and refreshes the atmosphere. As you can see, decorating the bedroom in white is a total success, and more so in summer, when textiles and furniture are required to lighten the visual weight of the room.

This proposal has opted for a total white, a choice, of indisputable elegance, to deal with hot nights.

From El Corte Inglés, head of 150 Justine (€ 295) of wood and rattan; Petra duvet cover set (from € 59.95); Petra bedding set (from € 49.95); Atlanta summer bedspread (from € 59.95); Nayana white cushion (€ 29.95) and viscoelastic mattress and HR Evolution 22 Dimaflex (from € 1,275).

5. Chosen with touch

The English Court

To favor the rest everything in the bedroom must be in perfect harmony: the mattress, the size of the bed, the sheets ...

Cotton (a fresh, breathable and soft-touch natural fiber) is usually the most suitable for bedding. When buying your sheets, the color that best matches the rest of the bedroom will be chosen. But also think about the quality of cotton. The greater the number of threads per inch, the greater resistance and softness of the fabric.

From El Corte Inglés, cotton bed textile in neutral tones. Available in cotton percal; cotton sateen; 600 thread count Egyptian cotton and basic polycotton satin.