A three-storey house with a lot of design

A three-storey house with a lot of design

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A spectacular reform, carried out by the Decoration studio Suspensivo Point, turned this house into the comfortable home that their owners wanted so much, a couple with young children. The terraced house, located in a residential area of ​​northern Madrid, it was divided into three floors. Composed of the living room and kitchen, the lower one was left completely transparent, to facilitate mobility through it. Another plus that this area has is the splendid garden which is enjoyed both in summer and winter thanks to its enclosure.

The enclosure, which serves as a link between living room and porch, provides a feeling of spaciousness and a pleasant luminosity. Next to the access to the living room, the garden has an area with a special outdoor platform. On the second floor the bedrooms - the main one and the children's one - and two bathrooms were installed. The rooms are simply decorated with shades that invite relaxation. The spacious attic It was divided into two zones: a recreational one, reserved for the exclusive use of children, while the rest of the space was dedicated to storage. To access the upper floors, a iron structure ladder, finished with metallic paint, and safety glass railing, in order to avoid possible accidents.

As for the decoration, it is entirely due to the taste of its owner, who decided on design pieces, as seen in the Nordic style furniture or super modern armchairs from the living room, to the meticulous choice of carpets, lamps, and paintings distributed strategically throughout the house. The Soft colors they surround the environments, a uniformity broken only by the prominence of chosen pieces raised in tone. If we talk about coatings, we chose floating oak wood flooring, which provides warmth to the rooms, for the whole house, with the exception of the kitchen, in which polished cement was installed, and the bathrooms, with natural stone tiles.

Advertising - Keep reading below A room with views

The porch, which overlooks the large garden, is integrated into the living room by a glazed enclosure to the ceiling; This resource expands its dimensions and gives it luminosity.

Dining room in the garden

In the garden, armchairs and table, of El Corte Inglés. Chairs of different models, from Carrefour Home. Pots and cups, for sale in El Almacén de Loza.

A large square lounge

Two facing sofas and a low design table form the living area, a square space in which a large polished cement shelf stands out, where the TV is located, and an original framed poster. Sofas, by Bo Concept. Flower cushions, from Designers Guild, the rest, from In Dietro. Old poster from an auction. Floating platform, Singular Parquets.

An interior design with simple lines

A refined style, devoid of stridency, permeates the room, which only makes a small concession in the printing of the cushions and in the striking armchair that nobody will go unnoticed. Mustard armchair, from Poliform. In50 coffee table, by Isamu Noguchi, for sale at (€ 438.13). Carpet by Maison Decor.

Iron and glass staircase

A large sliding door, decorated on one side with an abstract painting by Ana German and on the other with a Deborah Bownes wallpaper that simulates a bookstore, separates the entrance from the living room. The staircase, made of iron and glass, is equipped with wooden steps equal to the platform, leading to the bedrooms. Slate wall, by Porcelanosa, with fireplace, by Lumbre. Armchair, from Poliform. Carpet, from GAN.

Nordic style dining room

A large solid wood table and six chairs form the practical and simple Nordic dining room. On it stand out two original ceiling lamps, colored crystals, and on the wall, the impressive diptych. Carpet Mangas, by Patricia Urquiola, for the GAN firm. Vases: transparent glass, Canterano, and green stripes, In Dietro. Lamps, from Iluminalia. Diptych, by Rafael Macarrón.

Connected dining and kitchen

The kitchen, open to the living room, facilitates freedom of movement and also the entry of natural light. The work area - sink and plate - is formed by a single low furniture. The wall has been covered with the same metallic material as the furniture to protect it from splashes. A carpet in blue tones, from Usera Usera, covers the polished cement floor.

Camouflaged kitchen furniture

What looks like a huge wall hides, in reality, a set of cabinets without handles that, from floor to ceiling, also integrate the appliances. Furniture in metallic gray, from Artificio. High glass table with steel foot and two stools, from Supersrest. Fuchsia dishcloth, from Jacquard Français. Breakfast cups and glass jar, from Almaza de Loza.

Main bedroom

The silhouette of the bed is trimmed on the wall, painted in a soft green flattering. Natural jute carpet, by Gastón and Daniela. Beige quilt and quadrants, Texture. Bedside tables and steel lamp, from Batavia. Aromatic and coral candle, from Point a la Ligne.

Wardrobe in the bedroom

In front of the window, a generous closet of four bodies embedded in the wall was installed. Painted white, like the ceiling, it provides luminosity to the room, in contrast to the green paint on the fronts and the silk bedspread. In the background, you can see the bathroom that, absent from the door, integrates perfectly into the bedroom. Green silk bedspread, for sale in Usera Usera. Purple cushion, by Maisons de Vacances.

Bathroom integrated in the bedroom

Raw, brown and dark brown are present in the bathroom, both on wooden furniture and on the walls painted in taupe. The bathroom has a bath and shower. Furniture and toilets, from Duravit. Natural stone floor, from Trentino. Towels in beige and raw colors, Texture. Soaps and lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Exclusive area for games

The attic was designed for children, with a slate wall and a small sink. The sides were used to create storage cabinets. The roof is presented to two waters and the floor, covered with platform, of Entarimados Singulares. Kritter table, from Ikea (€ 19.95). Carpet and stool, from Usera Usera. Cushions: orange, from Sitonit and printed, from Batavia.

Kitchen plan and ideas

- The union of the kitchen and the dining room, or American kitchen, provides above all comfort, by facilitating mobility, and a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, it is an ideal solution for small kitchens. It is important, yes, choose neutral coatings and finishes, which allow the integration of both spaces. An option to divide these environments occasionally is to make a sliding panel, which can be made of DM or glass.
- A tendency to take advantage of the space when the meters do not exceed is in the installation of cabinets mimetized with the wall, in whose interior a whole regiment of furniture and appliances is hidden. An optical effect that is achieved thanks to the absence of handles.
- The pavement of the kitchens should facilitate practical maintenance; A good option in shared spaces is to install laminates, ceramics or polished cement, which allow the visual continuity of the set.